Election Update: Grossman likely winner of 2B, Parrott slight lead over Trone

HAGERSTOWN, MD News (11/11/2022) – After counting the first round of mail-in votes, we have several updates regarding local races. Specifically, we now have a winner for Delegate 2B, and more updates on the Congressional District 6 race.

Maryland House of Delegates

District 2B

Brenda J. Thiam (R)4,07946.57%
Brooke Grossman (D) 4,66853.30%

After counting the first round of mail-in ballots, Brooke Grossman has a strong lead of almost 600 votes. Since mail-in votes typically lean Democrat, it’s highly unlikely Thiam can overcome this lead during the second round of mail-in votes, and as such Thiam called her opponent to congratulate her Thursday evening.

Representative in Congress

Congressional District 6

Neil C. Parrott (R) ?104,78450.34%
David J. Trone (D)103,10249.54%

After the first round of mail-in voting, Parrott still leads Trone by 1,682 votes. With a second round of mail-in votes to be counted, as well as provisional votes, this will likely be an extremely close race. It’s also highly likely that a recount will be requested if this race is close. Maryland law allows for Trone or Parrott to request a recount at no cost if the margin of difference between the two candidates with the most votes is 0.25% of less of the votes cast for those two candidates. The full guide to Maryland recount procedures is available on the State Board of Elections website.

No other races were significantly affected by mail-in votes.

As round two of mail-in voting begins, we will keep the community informed of further changes.

This is unofficial data from the Maryland State Board of Elections.

A previous version of this article accidentally listed Brooke Grossman as a Republican. This has been corrected.

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