Satire: Millicent Hall changes last name to Goose, Slate jumps 47 points in polls

FREDERICK, MD News (9/27/2022) – Millicent Hall has taken the bold step of changing her last name. She is currently running for Delegate in District 4. To bolster her chances at electoral victory, Millicent Hall will now be known as Millicent Goose.

Neil Parrott Looks to Set Record Straight on HIV Tattoo Letter

HAGERSTOWN, MD News (9/19/2022) – In 2005, Neil Parrot, current Maryland Delegate and Congressional Candidate for CD-6, sent a letter to the Herald-Mail newspaper talking about how HIV victims need compassion, as well as tattoos to indicate a person is HIV positive to potential intimate partners. Parrott recanted this position in 2010, stating that he no longer believes that a mandatory tattoo is the best solution, and is trying to set the record straight in part due to attacks by his opponent in the 2022 Congressional race.

Opinion: David Trone is Selling Snake Oil and Alcohol When it Comes to Combating Addiction

By now, many people in Western Maryland have seen the advertisements where Trone claims to be a champion for combatting addiction, featuring a local charity near Hagerstown, Maryland. David Trone being a champion combatting addiction couldn’t be further from the truth.

The People’s Convoy Disbands, Accusations of Theft of Donations against Leadership

We debated on posting any coverage of this. But felt it was important enough to share. For those not aware, The People’s Convoy has disbanded, and all members were required to depart Hagerstown Speedway by 10 PM today. According to the live stream from Oreo Express, who followed the convoy on its journey across theContinue reading “The People’s Convoy Disbands, Accusations of Theft of Donations against Leadership”

Behind the crypto hype is an ideology of social change

Rick Wash, Michigan State University Ads for blockchain, NFTs and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin seem to be everywhere. Crypto technologies are being promoted as a replacement for banks; a new way to buy art; the next big investment opportunity, and an essential part of the metaverse. To many, these technologies are confusing or risky. But enthusiastsContinue reading “Behind the crypto hype is an ideology of social change”

Updated 3/3: “The People’s Convoy” to Pass Through Hagerstown, MD

On February 23, a convoy of truckers departed California as part of a nationwide drive to Washington DC in protest of all COVID-19 mandates. This convoy is projected to arrive in Hagerstown, MD on March 4, and stay overnight before the final leg of their trip to Washington DC. At this time the exact timeContinue reading “Updated 3/3: “The People’s Convoy” to Pass Through Hagerstown, MD”