Hagerstown Mayor to Resign, Big Changes Ahead

HAGERSTOWN, MD News (1/18/2023) – This week in a press conference, Mayor Emily Keller announced her intention to resign as Mayor of Hagerstown effective January 31, 2023. What’s next for Keller, and how will a new Hagerstown Mayor be selected?

County Still Refuses to Disclose Details of Cyber Attack, is Your Identity at Risk?

HAGERSTOWN, MD News (12/12/2022) – While some experts have suggested the attack was likely ransomware, Washington County has not released critical details if the identities of any Washington County residents or taxpayers was compromised during the attack. After two and a half weeks, the county still has not released details of the cyber attack which crippled county government systems. Slowly, the county has been restoring services affected by the attack, but many questions still remain.

Sexually Explicit Content – Enough to Permanently Block an Email Address, but Okay for Books in Public Schools?

HAGERSTOWN, MD News (11/27/2022) – Effective immediately, Radio Free Hub City will no longer solicit comment from involved boards or councils of elected officials before publishing articles. This policy is in direct response to an incident which resulted in our email address being permanently blocked by the email provider, because apparently the content of our emails were sexually explicit enough to trigger spam filters, but this same content is perfectly acceptable in school libraries according to WCPS.

Opinion: Election fraud lessons from the 1866 Congressional elections

HAGERSTOWN, MD News (11/14/2022) – While some have cried foul over David Trone’s defeat of Neil Parrott in the Congressional District 6 race, looking at history we can see that election fraud has been of great concern in this area even in the 19th century, especially during times of national strife and conflict. There are some important lessons to be learned from the 1866 election, and a local newspaper captured it perfectly.

Parrott Concedes Congressional District 6 Election, Trone Re-Elected

HAGERSTOWN, MD News (11/11/2022) – Based on the vote-by-mail ballots that are still to be counted and the trends in vote-by-mail results, Delegate Neil Parrott has conceded the election. He just called Congressman David Trone and congratulated him on his victory.

Election Update: Grossman likely winner of 2B, Parrott slight lead over Trone

HAGERSTOWN, MD News (11/11/2022) – After counting the first round of mail-in votes, we have several updates regarding local races. Specifically, we now have a winner for Delegate 2B, and more updates on the Congressional District 6 race.

Maryland Elections: Ballot Measures

Maryland News (11/9/2022) – In addition to voting for candidates for various local and statewide positions, Maryland residents had the opportunity to directly vote in support or opposition to several issues and topics, known as ballot measures. A total of five ballot measures were presented to voters, and all five have passed. Here is a brief rundown of each measure:

Lost in the Mail? School Board Claims Emails not Being Delivered

HAGERSTOWN, MD News (11/5/2022) – After publishing our previous article, Darrell Evans from the WCPS Board of Education replied to a comment on our post, claiming that neither he nor the rest of the Board of Education received our emails with request for comment. We will be reaching out to WCPS for further comment and discussion on this issue, but in the meantime we invite any Board of Education member to reach out to us through social media if they would like to provide comment on our article.