Introducing RFHC-TV: Local focus, free online live TV for Hagerstown area

HAGERSTOWN, MD – Radio Free Hub City is proud to announce the launch of our TV brand RFHC-TV. Providing a platform for audio and video, this expansion of RFHC will provide additional news and entertainment for our listeners/viewers, and added value for our sponsors.

Updated 3/3: “The People’s Convoy” to Pass Through Hagerstown, MD

On February 23, a convoy of truckers departed California as part of a nationwide drive to Washington DC in protest of all COVID-19 mandates. This convoy is projected to arrive in Hagerstown, MD on March 4, and stay overnight before the final leg of their trip to Washington DC. At this time the exact timeContinue reading “Updated 3/3: “The People’s Convoy” to Pass Through Hagerstown, MD”

Hagerstown Man Arrested with Homemade Firearm

During the course of a traffic stop by Hagerstown Police, a loaded handgun was recovered under the passenger seat of a vehicle. While the firearm was not on his person, Antoine Malone, age 30, of Hagerstown, was identified as the passenger seated above the firearm, and arrested. Malone was charged with the following:-Handgun in Vehicle-Firearm-PossessionContinue reading “Hagerstown Man Arrested with Homemade Firearm”

Maryland National Guard Lends Helping Hand to Meritus Medical Center

Although the number of COVID-19 patients and hospitalizations are decreasing in Maryland, many healthcare workers such as the ones that Meritus Medical Center remained busy, as the pandemic continues. At the direction of Governor Larry Hogan, 1000 members of the Maryland National Guard are being mobilized to assist state and local health officials to provide some relief.