Radio Free Hub City is a registered trademark of Red Mana Properties, LLC, located in the state of Maryland.

All content is covered under one or more of the following:

Radio Free Hub City content – Copyright Red Mana Properties, LLC

Some music used by Radio Free Hub City may be Public Domain or Creative Commons “CC Zero”, and obtained from one of the following sites:,,, This includes music under the Music Modernization Act, which means starting on January 1, 2022, all music recordings which are 100 years old or older are now public domain.

Some music is licensed on a limited basis between Radio Free Hub City and independent artists. Artists are required to sign a Public Performance contract which states they are legally allowed to perform the work publicly. Copies of these contracts are available upon request by any interested copyright owner.

If you believe work you legally own has been played in error, please email with proof of ownership, and we will cease playing your copyrighted work.

Usage of old Radio Shows

Some radio show recordings used by Radio Free Hub City may be Public Domain, and obtained from one of the following sites:,

The recording copyrights are believed to be expired/never granted copyright status. However, if you believe work you legally own has been played in error, please email Ken+Copyright at redmanaprops dot com with proof of ownership, and we will cease playing your copyrighted radio show immediately.

Below are some quotes showing old radio shows copyright are not covered.

“We have checked with the Library of Congress regarding the status of old time radio recordings made prior to 1978, and have been informed by their staff that all such recordings are generally in the public domain, as sound recordings were not allowed under the previous copyright law and that such recordings have not been granted copyright status under the new laws (since to change their status and move them out of the Public Domain would be a violation of Ex-Post-Facto). Once a piece is placed into the public domain for any reason, it remains there legally unless someone brings a case to the Supreme Court to decide otherwise.”

“Library of Congress statements that the original recordings presented here are within the Public Domain, since they were NOT qualified for copyright protection when presented, nor was any attempt to place them under such copyright protection was made when the window of opportunity for such existed in 1978-1979 when the copyright law regarding such recordings changed. (Such had to be submitted to the Congressional Record for reinstatement at that time, and NO US Broadcasts from the 1929 thru 1950 period was filed for at that time in the Congressional Record – only a few foreign language audio recordings were so filed for in that period.”

Radio shows created before January 1, 1978 are protected by the Copyright Act of 1909 rather than the Copyright Act of 1976 ( ) because according to case law any copyright determinations must be made according the copyright law as it existed before that date. Assuming the old time radio shows were in the public domain from from the Copyright Act of 1909, the update of 1976 could not suddenly place them under copyright because they were already in the public domain, and the status of a public domain work is not allowed to ever be reversed (a violation of Ex-Post-Facto).


Radio Free Hub City periodically runs contests at live events. To enter these contests, participants must sign up for our email list and agree to our privacy policy, but may opt-out of emails at any time.

Official Rules for All Contests

Must be 18 years of age or older to enter. Only open to legal residents of Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, or Pennsylvania. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited.

Limit one (1) entry per person.

Chances of winning depend upon the number of entrants.

Employees and Contractors/Partners of Radio Free Hub City, and members of their household, may not enter or win.

Freaky Poker Freaks Contest

Main contest: Participants will draw 5 cards from a shuffled played card deck, in an attempt to beat the high hand on the table. If the cards are a higher hand than the cards on the table, the participant’s cards become the new high hand. This continues until the end of the event, at which point the winner will be the cards on the table. Only one (1) winner will be chosen.

Second chance contest: All participants who did not win the main contest will have their names entered into a box or other container, and one name will be drawn at random. Only one (1) second chance winner will be chosen.

Unclaimed prizes will not be awarded.

Software, Training, eBooks, and other offerings from Community Biz Hub

All products offered through Community Biz Hub, including free silver and premium gold tiers, are provided AS-IS with NO WARRANTY.

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