Washington County Election Recap

HAGERSTOWN, MD News (11/9/2022) – Election day is over, the ballots are counted, and the results are in. While it’s possible for some races to shift based on mail-in and provisional ballots, let’s take a look at what we do know about Washington County in the 2022 Gubernatorial Election.

These results are not final, as there are a significant number of mail-in ballots left to count.

CountyBallots Left

As of November 7th, there were 4,950 mail-in ballots left to count for Washington County, and an unknown number of provisional ballots were case on November 8th. The ballots appear to be approximately 1.6 Democrat ballots for every 1 Republican ballots, meaning that the mail-in ballots will likely lean Democrat for Washington County. However, the state has not released how many of those ballots are Democrat or Republican. The state has also not released how many of the Montgomery County mail-in ballots are within Congressional District 6.

The following are unofficial results as of 11/9/22, and subject to change as more ballots are processed.

Representative in Congress

Congressional District 6

Neil C. Parrott (R) ?102,66951.07%
David J. Trone (D)98,12248.81%

With over 20,000 mail-in ballots left for Allegany, Garrett, Frederick, and Washington Counties, as well as an unknown number of mail-in ballots for the CD6 segment of Montgomery County, this race is still too close to call. Parrott currently leads by 4,547 votes, but with mail-in ballots leaning Democratic there is a chance that Trone could take the lead.

Maryland State Senator

District 1

Mike McKay (R) 30,56676.75%
Michael Dreisbach (D)9,19423.09%

District 2

Paul D. Corderman (R) 22,64167.83%
Shawn Demetrious Perry (D)10,71332.10%

With significant leads, McKay and Corderman can be safely declared the winners of District 1 and District 2 State Senator races.

Maryland House of Delegates

District 1C

Terry L. Baker (R) 10,71378.07%
Carrie R. Hinton (D)2,74019.97%
Charlotte McBrearty (G)2631.92%

With a significant lead, Baker can be safely declared the winner of the District 1C Delegate race.

District 2A

William Valentine (R) 17,22949.86%
William Joseph Wivell (R) 16,820748.68%
(Two Winners)

Both Valentine and Wivell will be District 2A delegates, with no other candidates opposing them.

District 2B

Brenda J. Thiam (R) 3,73149.70%
Brooke Grossman (D) ?3,76550.15%

Currently Grossman has a 34 vote lead over incumbent Thiam. However, with mail-in and provisional ballots remaining, it’s unclear if Grossman will retain that lead.

County Commissioner

John F. Barr (R) 27,12117.38%
Jeffrey A. Cline (R) 26,93317.26%
Derek Harvey (R) 24,08815.44%
Wayne Keefer (R) 25,55316.37%
Randall Wagner (R) 25,56616.38%
Sterling Sanders (D)12,6538.11%
Dave Williams (D)13,5818.70%
(Five Winners)

With a significant lead over the Democrat challengers, all five Republican County Commissioner candidates can safely be declared the winners.

Judge of the Circuit Court

Joe Michael 31,06298.67%

Michael was unopposed in this race.


Robert M. Breeding (R) 32,07098.50%

Breeding was unopposed in this race.

State’s Attorney

Gina M. Cirincion (R) 32,95898.79%

Cirincion was unopposed in this race.

Clerk of the Circuit Court

Kevin R. Tucker (R) 32,42398.93%

Tucker was unopposed in this race.

Register of Wills

Lacy M. Flook (R) 23,39357.54%
Jason A. Malott (D)17,24942.43%

With over 6,000 vote lead, Flook can be safely declared the winner of this race.

Judge of the Orphans’ Court

Paul D. Banister (R) 26,56533.04%
Debra A. Breeding (R) 27,84434.63%
Anthony Scott Lowman (R) 25,49131.70%
(Three Winners)

Banister, Breeding, and Lowman had no other competitors in this race, and can be declared the winners.


Brian Albert (R) 28,21568.90%
Junior McLeod (D)12,27029.96%
Bill Williams (Write In)00.00%

With almost a 16,000 vote lead, Albert can be safely declared the winner of the Sheriff race.

Board of Education

Fredrick I. Chavis8,93810.74%
Darrell E. Evans 14,79617.78%
Mike Guessford 22,35526.87%
Ethan J. Loewen9,77811.75%
Linda Murray 17,73621.32%
Anthony Williams9,28811.16%
(Three Winners)

With a 5,000 vote difference between Evans and Loewen, it can be safely declared that all three incumbent Board of Education members will retain their seats.

Unofficial Data from State of Maryland State Board of Elections.

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