Parrott Concedes Congressional District 6 Election, Trone Re-Elected

HAGERSTOWN, MD News (11/11/2022) – Based on the vote-by-mail ballots that are still to be counted and the trends in vote-by-mail results, Delegate Neil Parrott has conceded the election. He just called Congressman David Trone and congratulated him on his victory.

Even so, Delegate Parrott believes that the actions over the last year are a big victory for the people of Western and Central Maryland. The “extreme partisan gerrymander” has been corrected, and now like-minded communities have a real say in who they pick for US Congress in District 6 and across the state.

Delegate Parrott said, “I am incredibly grateful for everyone who worked with my family and me on the campaign trail. We have developed many close friendships that we value greatly.”

He went on to say that, “While this wasn’t the outcome we wanted, it isn’t a defeat and it isn’t the end. We unified the Republican Party in western Maryland. We faced an overwhelming spending disadvantage that scared off national Republicans. We fought – and won – in court so that this district is fair and competitive, and the people of the sixth district will never be taken for granted again.”

David Trone issued the following statement on social media after a call with Parrott: “I want to thank Delegate Parrott for his phone call this afternoon conceding the race. My promise to him, and to all of the people of the 6th District, is this: I’ll continue to work across the aisle to deliver results and get things done. Thank you, Maryland! Let’s get back to work.”

As of 2:41 PM, Trone had taken the lead in the CD6 race through mail-in ballots.

Neil C. Parrott (R)107,16749.50%
David J. Trone (D) 109,06250.38%

Original article press release from Neil Parrott campaign, additional information from David Trone social media and Maryland State Board of Elections.

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