County Commissioners to Consider First-in-Maryland $67k Virtual Reality Police Training System

Cover Photo: File photo of a man wearing a virtual reality headset.

HAGERSTOWN, MD News (11/10/2022) – On Tuesday, November 15th, the Washington County Commissioners will view a presentation for the Apex Officer Training Simulator for consideration for purchase for the Washington County Sheriff’s Office. The Apex Officer training system is a comprehensive solution that is designed to allow trainers the ability to give presentations and classes, conduct interactive testing and assessment, and provide immersive hands-on scenario-based exercises with detailed debriefing and after-action reviews.

On September 13, 2022, the Purchasing Department received a request from the
Sheriff’s Office regarding the procurement for the Apex Officer Training Simulator . The Sheriff’s Office wishes to apply Sections 1-106.2(a)(1) & (2) of the Code of Local Public Laws of Washington County, Maryland, to the procurement requested, which allows sole source procurement when only one source exists that meets the County’s requirements.

Each Apex Officer system is designed to increase trainee knowledge, skills, and confidence in a safe, challenging environment that is highly interactive and engaging.

The system utilizes a virtual reality headset including Dolby Atmos multi-directional audio technology for simulation of different environments and situations. Normally the system would cost $133,368, but the county has been offered a discount since this would be the first Apex Officer training simulator in the State of Maryland, bringing the price to $67,500.

This request requires the approval of four of the five Commissioners in order to proceed with a sole source procurement. If approved, the following remaining steps of the process will occur as outlined by the law:

1) Not more than ten (10) days after the execution and approval of a contract under this section, the procurement agency shall publish notice of the award in a newspaper of general circulation in the County and

2) An appropriate record of the sole source procurement shall be maintained as required.

Source: Washington County BOCC Meeting Agenda

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