RFHC-TV – Streaming TV for Hagerstown, MD the Hub City

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Understanding that sometimes just audio isn’t enough, Radio Free Hub City has launched its own streaming television network for the Hagerstown, MD area, including Boonsboro, Smithsburg, Clear Spring, Hancock, Williamsport, Sharpsburg, and everywhere else in the local area.

We believe that through our focus on local and independent content, we can provide a superior news and entertainment experience like no other.

While we initially have only four streaming TV channels, we hope to add more as our available content grows.


High quality entertainment with a local focus for Hagerstown, MD, Washington County, and the surrounding region!

RFHC-1 contains a mix of everything for everyone, including original RFHC content as well as indie content.


Music by local and independent artists, as well as historical music relevant to our area.

RFHC-Music provides that local flavor of music that is sometimes so desperately needed.


Exploring local history in the Hagerstown, MD and Washington County area!

RFHC-History contains historical films about the Hub City area, as well as the RFHC original series, History Hub Hunters.

Government needs to be open and accessible to the people, in order to be effective. RFHC is proud to announce the release of RFHC-Gov, hosting local government content 24/7.