Opinion: Delegate candidates post photos of each other at Eisenhower Dinner, because this election cycle couldn’t already be stranger

Cover Photo: Photos posted by Grossman and Thiam through the windows of the Maryland Theatre, October 22, 2022. Used under fair use.

HAGERSTOWN, MD News (10/22/2022) – During Matt Gaetz’s visit to Hagerstown for the annual Republican Club Eisenhower Dinner, Maryland Delegate candidates Brenda Thiam (R) and Brooke Grossman (D) posted photos of each other through the front glass of the Maryland Theatre. Seriously?

With an election cycle already filled with wild accusations by David Trone against Neil Parrott accusing him of wanting to mandate tattoos for HIV positive children, we here at Radio Free Hub City didn’t think this election cycle could get any stranger. But apparently, we were wrong.

Delegate Thiam was attending the Eisenhower Dinner, while apparently Grossman just happened to be outside. Thiam is the incumbent in this year’s Maryland Delegate election for District 2B. Delegate Thiam did not take the photo she posted of Grossman, as it was sent to her by someone else attending the dinner.

Could we maybe, just maybe, start asking our politicians to maybe try and get along with each other? If George Bush and Bill Clinton could become best friends, then maybe it’s time to follow their example and stop attacking each other, and focusing more on issues instead of attacking each other for stuff like… talking to Matt Gaetz at an event where he’s the guest speaker.

In a time where politicians would rather not debate their opponents because they don’t want to give them a platform, maybe politicians should try running campaigns where they talk about the positive things of their platform and openly discuss real issues with their opponents, instead of resorting to terrible, half-truth attacks.

This is an opinion article by Ken Buckler, President and Managing Editor of Radio Free Hub City. All opinions are his own, and do not reflect the opinions of Radio Free Hub City or its clients.

CORRECTION: Previous version of this article indicated that Delegate Thiam took the photo of Grossman. While she posted the photo on social media, she is not the one who took the photo.

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