Really Cool Merch for Really Cool Fans

Hedgesville, Boonsboro, Hagerstown, Shepherdstown, Frederick, Waynesboro, Hancock, we love our fans from the greater Hub City area.

We’ve got some really cool merch we give away at events, but understand that not everyone is lucky enough to win our contests. But because you’re all winners with us, we’re happy to announce that select merch is now available for purchase online!

Radio Free Hub City Originals

Hub City Alligator Boys T-Shirt

Ride it like you stole it – because you probably did. Celebrate Hagerstown’s own version of the 12 o’clock boys with these humorous shirts.

City of Hagerstown Paper Plates

You wanted a logo on a paper plate? You’ve got it! Parody of the new Hagerstown logo, this plate is sure to be a hit at upcoming family picnics in City Park. Just watch out for that alligator!

Hagerstown Hub City Train Logo Mug

Hagerstown Maryland has a rich history as a hub for the railroad, which is why it’s called the Hub City. Celebrate our city’s history and your love of Radio Free Hub City with these mugs!


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