Really Cool Merch for Really Cool Fans

Hedgesville, Boonsboro, Hagerstown, Shepherdstown, Frederick, Waynesboro, Hancock, we love our fans from the greater Hub City area.

We’ve got some really cool merch we give away at events, but understand that not everyone is lucky enough to win our contests. But because you’re all winners with us, we’re happy to announce that select merch is now available for purchase online!

Radio Free Hub City Originals

Here Lies the Hagerstown Report T-Shirt

Our favorite local satire site may be gone, but it will never be gone from our hearts.

All because somebody took things way too seriously.

Hub City Hood Proud T-Shirt

HAGERSTOWN, MD – In response to recent accusations that the new skate park is being ruined by “the hood”, we’re releasing a new t-shirt design.

“The hood ruins everything!” –Anonymous Social Media Commenter

Show your hood proud in the hub city with these stylish t-shirts.

Find this t-shirt design and many more Radio Free Hub City originals at

Hub City Dual Cruisers T-Shirt

Did you try to outrun the Hagerstown Police on Dual Highway and lose? Did they confiscate your four-wheeler or dirt bike? Well, at least you’ll have this T-Shirt to wear to your court hearing, and maybe get sympathy points from the judge.

Hub City Hagerstown T-Shirt

Show your Hub City pride with this retro inspired shirt! Perfect for Hagerstown, MD residents looking for a stylish look!

TP Shortage T-Shirt

We had to do some unspeakable things in 2020 without toilet paper. At least we can look back and laugh.

RFHC Skateboard

A skateboard with the RFHC logo and sound wave. Multiple sizes available, from 7 3/4″ to 8 1/2″.

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