Updated 3/3: “The People’s Convoy” to Pass Through Hagerstown, MD

On February 23, a convoy of truckers departed California as part of a nationwide drive to Washington DC in protest of all COVID-19 mandates. This convoy is projected to arrive in Hagerstown, MD on March 4, and stay overnight before the final leg of their trip to Washington DC.

At this time the exact time and location of the convoy is still being kept under wraps. However, Radio Free Hub City is proud to announce that we will be on-site providing live updates as the convoy begins rolling in to town! Live updates will be available through our Facebook page.

Projected Convoy Route. Credit: ThePeoplesConvoy.org

According to the website for the convoy, over $1.7M has been raised in support of truckers participating in the convoy.

The People’s Convoy was inspired by Canadian truckers who united to protest their country’s own COVID-19 restrictions and mandates, and have intentionally formed a blockade in Ottawa. Over 100 people have been arrested related to the protest, and police have threatened to arrest anyone in the area, including news media.

Since original release of their mission statement, the convoy has expanded the scope of their purpose, to demand government accountability through full and transparent congressional hearings, in addition to ending all overreaching mandates.

“The People’s Convoy is a non-partisan effort supported by a cross-cultural and multi-faith consortium of organizations,” according to their press release from February 19, “including Robert Kennedy Jr.’s Children’s Health Defense TV – which will be embedding with the convoy and carrying live updates, along with numerous other media outlets.”

The convoy does not plan to enter Washington, DC.

Hagerstown and Washington County area residents should expect heavy traffic on local interstates on the evening of March 4th and morning of March 5th, and alternate routes may also become congested.

Many local residents have expressed interest in supporting the convoy. At this time, the best means of supporting the convoy would be through sign/flag waving at the Appalachian Trail overpass, as detailed in a locally created Facebook event for Saturday as the truckers depart for DC. Law enforcement should be obeyed at all times. Do not block traffic.

Local area residents are asked to avoid travel to the location(s) where the trucks will be staying for the night. There are a very large number of trucks coming to the area, and they need room to park for the night before their drive to DC on Saturday morning.

Main Image Credit: The People’s Convoy Logo, ThePeoplesConvoy.org

This article was updated 3/21 to reflect the correct donation amount received as of 3/21/2022.

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