The People’s Convoy Disbands, Accusations of Theft of Donations against Leadership

We debated on posting any coverage of this. But felt it was important enough to share. For those not aware, The People’s Convoy has disbanded, and all members were required to depart Hagerstown Speedway by 10 PM today.

According to the live stream from Oreo Express, who followed the convoy on its journey across the country and helped with raising donations, The People’s Convoy came to a close today under much scrutiny. Washington County Sheriff and Maryland State Police were called to the Speedway to remove all members of the convoy, and help keep the convoy from turning into a brawl as members surrounded the RV used by leadership demanding to know where $15,000 in donations had gone, after being told that the convoy would be required to depart at 10 PM today instead of within 7 days as announced by leadership.

Several members discussed the possibility of forming a new movement from the ashes, and everyone agreed to leave peacefully after discussing options with Maryland State Police for filing fraud charges against the convoy leadership.

This is a developing story, and will be updated as information becomes available.

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