China Uprising Against COVID Restrictions

BEJING, CHINA News (11/27/2022) – Here at Radio Free Hub City, we don’t typically report much on global events. However, today we’re making an exception. Specifically, all across China protests are occurring against continued COVID lockdown restrictions. While other news outlets are failing to report on this information, or burying it in small articles, we feel that this important news needs to be brought to the spotlight.

Updated 3/3: “The People’s Convoy” to Pass Through Hagerstown, MD

On February 23, a convoy of truckers departed California as part of a nationwide drive to Washington DC in protest of all COVID-19 mandates. This convoy is projected to arrive in Hagerstown, MD on March 4, and stay overnight before the final leg of their trip to Washington DC. At this time the exact timeContinue reading “Updated 3/3: “The People’s Convoy” to Pass Through Hagerstown, MD”