Maryland Elections: Ballot Measures

Maryland News (11/9/2022) – In addition to voting for candidates for various local and statewide positions, Maryland residents had the opportunity to directly vote in support or opposition to several issues and topics, known as ballot measures. A total of five ballot measures were presented to voters, and all five have passed. Here is a brief rundown of each measure:

Maryland Question 1. Renames the state’s appeals courts: Amends the Maryland Constitution to rename the Maryland Court of Appeals as the Supreme Court of Maryland, and renames the Maryland Court of Special Appeals as the Appellate Court of Maryland.

Maryland Question 2. Sets rules for running for Legislature: Amends the Maryland Constitution to require state General Assembly members to have lived in their district for at least six months prior to their election. If redistricting occurs less than six months before an election, then members must have lived in the district since its establishment.

Maryland Question 3. Allows lawmakers to limit the right to jury trials in some civil cases: Amends the Maryland Constitution to allow legislation limiting the right to a jury trial in civil cases when the amount in dispute is less than $25,000, instead of the current cap of $15,000.

Maryland Question 4. Legalizes marijuana: Amends the Maryland Constitution to legalize marijuana use by adults age 21 and older, and allows the General Assembly to set a tax rate on the sale of marijuana.

Maryland Question 5. Requires judges in Howard County to serve on its “orphan court.”: Amends the Maryland Constitution to require circuit court judges in Howard County to serve on their county’s “orphan court,” which decides matters related to estates and wills.

Washington County voters turned out in full force to make their voices heard, and with each proposed measure passing successfully, residents will be able to see the changes they wanted enacted before their eyes. Ballot Measures directly reflect the voice of voters, and demonstrate the direction in which citizens would like to see our great state of Maryland move forward into the future. The power belongs to the people, and the 2022 Election Day results show that each vote can make a difference.

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