County Commissioners Hold Special Session for Purchasing Police Cruisers, bypass Competitive Bids

HAGERSTOWN, MD (9/1/2022) – Today at 3 PM the Washington County Commissioners will hold a special session to discuss and vote on purchasing new police cruisers for Washington County Sheriff’s Office. If approved, this purchase will utilize a Howard County contract with Hertrich Fleet Services, Inc. of Milford, DE to purchase four new 2023 Ford Police Interceptors at a total cost of $43,808 each, for the total sum in the amount of $175,232. This bypasses the competitive bid process and utilizes an intergovernmental cooperative purchase as a cost savings measure.

The Code of Public Laws of Washington County, Maryland (the Public Local Laws) 1-106.3 provides that the Board of County Commissioners may procure goods and services through a contract entered into by another governmental entity, in accordance with the terms of the contract, regardless of whether the County was a part to the original contract. If the Board of County Commissioners determines that participation by Washington County would result in cost benefits or administrative efficiencies, it could approve the procurement of the equipment in accordance with the Public Local Laws referenced above that participation would result in cost benefits or in administrative efficiencies. The County will benefit with the direct cost savings in the purchase of this equipment because of economies of scale this contract has leveraged. Additionally, the County will realize savings through administrative efficiencies as a result of not preparing, soliciting and evaluating a bid. Acquisition of the vehicle by utilizing the Howard County’s contract and eliminating our county’s bid process would result in an administrative and cost savings for the Sheriff’s Office and Purchasing Department in preparing specifications.

According to the meeting agenda, funds for the vehicles are already budgeted in the Washington County Sheriff’s Office budget.

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