Satire: Brewery to Lease Hagerstown Waste Water Treatment Plant

HAGERSTOWN, MD News (10/19/2022) – The City of Hagerstown announced today that a major drink and brewing company will be leasing the Hagerstown Waste Water Treatment Plant to begin bottling their “light” beer. While the name of the company is protected under a non-disclosure agreement, some details of the deal are now available.

For some time now, breweries have struggled with having to add artificial color to light beers. However, after discovering that the treated wastewater from Hagerstown has an amber tint, the brewing company began negotiations with the city to begin fermenting the wastewater and bottling it for resale in regional bars and liquor stores.

“Our initial taste tests show that people can’t tell the difference, or actually prefer beer brewed using the wastewater from Hagerstown,” stated a representative from the brewery.

Remodeling to include the brewery inside the treatment plant is expected to begin November 31st.

Please do not call anyone in authority about this article, you will only confuse them, and our government is confused enough. This is a satire article, and may not reflect the views of Radio Free Hub City or its sponsors.

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