Why does Frederick County Judiciary Refuse to Punish Pedophiles? (Opinion)

FREDERICK, MD News (12/14/2022) – For years, a disturbing trend has been occurring in Frederick County – pedophiles receive very light sentences by Frederick County judges, or sometimes, no punishment at all other than probation.

Putting an End to Mandatory Self-Checkout (Opinion)

Self-checkout was supposed to be wonderful for grocery stores and big box retailers. But after about a decade of the technology, it’s completely failing with at least 67% of consumers having issues with the checkouts. And yet, retailers and grocery stores across the country are attempting to force consumers to use a technology which at least 25% of consumers absolutely hate.

Opinion: Election fraud lessons from the 1866 Congressional elections

HAGERSTOWN, MD News (11/14/2022) – While some have cried foul over David Trone’s defeat of Neil Parrott in the Congressional District 6 race, looking at history we can see that election fraud has been of great concern in this area even in the 19th century, especially during times of national strife and conflict. There are some important lessons to be learned from the 1866 election, and a local newspaper captured it perfectly.

Opinion: Vote Them All Out – WCPS Continued Silence on Explicit Books is a Symptom of Larger Issues

HAGERSTOWN, MD News (11/4/2022) – During the Tuesday, November 1 meeting of the Washington County Board of Education, local parent Ashley McCusker read during the citizen comment section of the meeting excerpts from several sexually explicit books in high schools across Washington County. There were a few brief, mixed reactions from the Board of Education during the meeting, with some members of the Board questioning the books’ presence in the schools. However, when contacted by Radio Free Hub City for further comment, none of the seven board members responded to our email.

Opinion: No Amnesty for Pandemic Transgressors

Emily Oster, an economist at Brown University, recently wrote an article for The Atlantic discussing why she feels that we should declare a “pandemic amnesty” and “forgive one another for what we did and said when we were in the dark about COVID”. As someone whose life was significantly altered because of those actions, and still suffering today, the idea of amnesty without consequences is not only ridiculous, but infuriating.

Opinion: Delegate candidates post photos of each other at Eisenhower Dinner, because this election cycle couldn’t already be stranger

HAGERSTOWN, MD News (10/22/2022) – During Matt Gaetz’s visit to Hagerstown for the annual Republican Club Eisenhower Dinner, Maryland Delegate candidates Brenda Thiam (R) and Brooke Grossman (D) posted photos of each other through the front glass of the Maryland Theatre. Seriously?

Opinion: The Chilling Effects of the Project Veritas Civil Case Ruling

The recent ruling against Project Veritas in a civil court case has halted an investigation Radio Free Hub City was conducting regarding a local non-profit with a multi-million dollar bank account believed to be violating Federal regulations, as well as potential ethical concerns regarding how the non-profit conducts business.

We here at Radio Free Hub City dislike conducting investigative journalism in the first place, and would much rather talk about all the good things happening in the community. However, the hard truth is there are local stories which are not being told, not being investigated, and clearly no other news media organization is going to do it.

We are very disappointed in the current climate when it comes to the first amendment. When someone can be arrested for creating a parody Facebook page, or get an entire law enforcement dossier created for criticizing local politicians, it’s time to step back and seriously question why our First Amendment is under so much attack lately.

Opinion: Biden’s Visit to Hagerstown a Sobering Reminder of the Pain he Continues to Cause

HAGERSTOWN, MD (10/7/2022) – Today President Biden will visit Hagerstown, MD, and give a speech at the Volvo plant about how he’s improving the economy, and undoubtedly how we’re all better off thanks to him and Congressman David Trone. While some might celebrate this visit by the President, for me, it’s a sobering reminder of the continuing pain I now deal with because of their policies mandating the COVID vaccine.

Opinion: David Trone is Selling Snake Oil and Alcohol When it Comes to Combating Addiction

By now, many people in Western Maryland have seen the advertisements where Trone claims to be a champion for combatting addiction, featuring a local charity near Hagerstown, Maryland. David Trone being a champion combatting addiction couldn’t be further from the truth.