Opinion: Biden’s Visit to Hagerstown a Sobering Reminder of the Pain he Continues to Cause

HAGERSTOWN, MD (10/7/2022) – Today President Biden will visit Hagerstown, MD, and give a speech at the Volvo plant about how he’s improving the economy, and undoubtedly how we’re all better off thanks to him and Congressman David Trone. While some might celebrate this visit by the President, for me, it’s a sobering reminder of the continuing pain I now deal with because of their policies mandating the COVID vaccine.

For those unfamiliar, I used to be a Federal cyber security contractor. About a year ago, I got a heads up that President Biden was going to mandate the COVID vaccine for all Federal employees and contractors, an action he took only a few days after receiving the vaccine. Repeatedly I had been told how “safe and effective” this vaccine was. At the same time, I received information that Johnson & Johnson was going to discontinue their vaccine due to reduced effectiveness. (The FDA later limited usage of the vaccine due to blood clot issues)

I’ve been personally hesitant regarding any of the mRNA vaccines because they’re such a new technology, so in an effort to keep my job I got the J&J vaccine before it was discontinued. My reasoning was this – we know how to treat blood clots, we don’t fully understand how to treat adverse effects of modifying RNA.

Never have I ever regretted a decision more than my decision to take the vaccine. The only silver lining is that the J&J vaccine did not kill me, while I firmly believe the other vaccines may have.

So what happened exactly?

First of all, I want you to know that I’m not a crazy anti-vaxxer. I’ve always been in support of vaccines, but was like many others, hesitant to get the COVID vaccine because it was so new, and so little time was available to study long-term side effects. This is my personal story of my ongoing struggle with adverse effects of the COVID vaccine. I am not a medical professional, this is not medical advice.

After taking the vaccine, I don’t remember much from the following two weeks, other than being in immense pain, and being unable to think clearly. At some point a family member drove me to the ER, where they confirmed I was experiencing adverse effects of the vaccine, but were unable to provide me any relief other than “take Advil and stay hydrated”.

I believe what happened in my case (but of course unable to confirm), because most nurses no longer aspirate IM vaccines, is that my vaccine was accidentally partially injected into my bloodstream. Note that this is now the standard for the medical field, as aspiration is considered no longer needed. Several hours later the spike protein used by the J&J vaccine pierced the blood-brain barrier and entered my nervous system. I’m just glad that after my initial 2 weeks of hell I was able to begin thinking clearly enough to comprehend medical whitepapers and figure out my own treatment strategy.

A year later, I’m still suffering. The only non-pharmaceutical which manages my pain is CBD.

Now for those of you unaware, Federal employees and contractors have been advised against taking any CBD product. While hemp-based CBD without THC is legally allowed, there are few guarantees that over-the-counter CBD won’t trigger a drug test for THC. As such, Federal agencies have warned employees and contractors not to take CBD.

It is unfortunate, that the Federal government would maintain such a stance against CBD even though there are multiple studies regarding the effectiveness of it treating neurological issues.

When I reached out to Congressman David Trone for help, after he announced his support of President Biden’s mandates, one of his staff called me back and refused to help me. He would not sponsor any bills to help look into treatments for those affected by the vaccine, nothing. Instead, they simply swept it under the rug and hoped I would go away. But I am not so easily silenced.

I directly hold President Biden and Congressman David Trone responsible for the ongoing pain I now struggle with. Because of them, I now deal with pain on a daily basis, and even had to change my career, moving away from being a hands-on cyber security practitioner in the Federal space.

While some may celebrate Biden and Trone visiting Hagerstown, for me, it simply amplifies my pain. So please, if you go to attend this event, think about me and the pain they have personally caused me. Personally, I’ll be avoiding all of Hagerstown today, because I want nothing to do with either of them.

This is an opinion article by Ken Buckler, President and Managing Editor of Radio Free Hub City. All opinions are his own, and may not reflect the views of Radio Free Hub City or its sponsors.

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