Opinion: David Trone is Selling Snake Oil and Alcohol When it Comes to Combating Addiction

The Vaccine that Ended my Federal Contracting Career

By now, many people in Western Maryland have seen the advertisements where Trone claims to be a champion for combatting addiction, featuring a local charity near Hagerstown, Maryland. In case you didn’t know, I, the managing editor of Radio Free Hub City, used to be a Federal contractor in the cyber security space. “Used to be” is due to politicians such as David Trone and Joe Biden mandating the COVID vaccine for Federal Contractors. A vaccine which would end my Federal contracting career, and almost my life. David Trone being a champion combating addiction couldn’t be further from the truth.

Out of respect for the local charity, I am omitting their name because they’re just as much a victim here as everyone else who has been fooled by Trone.

I fought with myself long and hard about writing this article. I don’t like expressing my opinions here on Radio Free Hub City. However, seeing how Trone continues to perpetuate this tall tale that he’s somehow combatting addiction, this issue has become extremely personal and important to me.

Trone’s Refusal to Help

A year ago I sent a letter to David Trone, after serious adverse reaction to the COVID Vaccine, which is causing me pain still today. I begged, pleaded for help. My plead for help fell on deaf ears.

David Trone’s response was to have one of his aides call me and inform me there was nothing they were willing to do to help me in my ongoing pain.

David Trone pretends to care about combatting addiction. He doesn’t. If he truly cared, he would have taken steps to help me, instead of risk that I might turn to opioids for pain relief. Had I not insisted on finding alternative treatments, I could very well have ended up going down the same path as so many others because of the system’s refusal to help them. If David Trone really cared, he’d fix the broken system and actually work to help people avoid taking dangerous pharmaceuticals instead of just paying lip service and claiming to be a champion for combatting addiction.

My Original Letter to Trone

Congressman Trone,
Hello, I am a Federal contractor supporting cyber security at the Department of Veterans Affairs. On August 24th, after immense pressure from the Federal Government, I took the COVID vaccine. Beginning at 6 PM that day, I started having a severe adverse reaction to the vaccine, including pain across my entire body and heart palpitations. While the body-wide pain and palpitations subsided after several days, I found that I had intense migraines and “brain fog” or difficulty concentrating on technical tasks. While the migraines have mostly subsided, the brain fog still remains at varying levels, even though it’s been over 3 weeks since receiving the vaccine. I am very concerned that this may be a permanent condition. I submitted a worker’s compensation claim, and this claim was denied because I was not mandated by my employer to take the vaccine. I am the only income earner in my household, and I am very concerned that if these symptoms continue I will be terminated by my employer for my inability to consistently perform my duties.
Since my worker’s compensation claim has been denied, I have no financial recourse for lost wages, should the vaccine side effects result in permanent inability to work. I will lose my house, and lose my ability to provide for my family.
I am truly concerned that taking this vaccine has destroyed my life. The doctors at our local hospital were able to confirm this is an adverse effect of the COVID vaccine, but were unable to provide any further recommendations other than pain pills, which might help with the headache, but don’t seem to help with the brain fog.
I have good days and bad, and while I have more good days than bad days right now, I am truly concerned that I could relapse, which would most likely result in my inability to do my job, and loss of my ability to provide for my family.
I just read today that you support the President’s mandate for Federal employees and contractors to take the COVID vaccine. While Federal employees may be protected by worker’s compensation, Federal contractors like myself are not.
Please help me. I don’t know what to do.
Ken Buckler
Boonsboro, MD

Selling Addiction while Combatting Addiction

It’s worth noting that Trone owns Total Wine & More, a national beer and wine retailer. I could go on and on about the ironies of the actions of David Trone, such as not even paying his employees a starting salary of $15/hr, while pushing for the national minimum wage to be increased to that amount. But the real, sad irony here is how Trone spends his own money lobbying other states to loosen their liquor licensing laws while claiming to be combatting addiction.

Total Wine & More Job Listing for Grand Rapids, Michigan, 9/18/2022
Total Wine & More Job Listing for Grand Rapids, Michigan, 9/18/2022

Not only is alcohol actually killing more people than the opioid crisis, but people who abuse alcohol are more susceptible to becoming addicted to opioids. Even worse, combined opioid and alcohol abuse can more easily lead to overdose and death.

Trone isn’t combatting addiction, or he’d be working to prevent addiction. Trone is merely cleaning up after addiction happens. This can even be profitable for Trone, since 40% to 60% of recovered addicts will relapse. Trone isn’t helping people, he’s creating return customers.

If you’d like to see who’s funding David Trone’s campaign, take a look at OpenSecrets.

Moving Forward, Without David Trone

Note that I technically don’t disagree with the worker’s comp denial, as it’s not my employer’s fault that the Federal government is forcing contractors to get the vaccine.

Fortunately, I found a mixture of natural supplements and CBD can control my pain, without needing pharmaceuticals. In case you didn’t know, Federal contractors can’t take CBD, because there’s a risk that trace amounts of THC can cause you to fail the drug test. So, because of the COVID vaccine mandate, which David Trone supported, I am no longer a Federal contractor, ending a 15 year career helping protect our nation’s computer systems.

David Trone is selling snake oil, and I’m very sad that people have fallen for it. If you are currently in any way working with Trone regarding your business or nonprofit, please PLEASE distance yourself from this man, he does NOT have our best intentions in mind. He is using you as a pawn just like he uses everyone else.

For everyone else, vote for ANYONE but Trone. It’s because of people like him that I still suffer with pain, due to my futile attempt to save my Federal contracting career.

Editorial by Ken Buckler, President and Managing Editor of Radio Free Hub City. All opinions are his own, and do not reflect those of Radio Free Hub City, or its clients. This editorial was not paid for by any candidate or committee.

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  1. Ken – For what it’s worth, I am very sorry for your physical problems. I’ve been reading your work for a long time, and have often enjoyed your logic in the face of the usual political push. Reading or hearing truth is almost impossible these days with the crooked media. It is good that you have published this. We all need to speak more to beat back the false narrative of “reset”, and instead push to restore America to its basic values. Unfortunately David Trone is the typical politician. Evil does exist in this world. How do all those Democrats vote the same way? Doesn’t anyone think independently anymore? Thank you for your supported information, and please keep writing. Susan Hammer

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