Satire: Millicent Hall changes last name to Goose, Slate jumps 47 points in polls

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FREDERICK, MD News (9/27/2022) – Millicent Hall has taken the bold step of changing her last name. She is currently running for Delegate in District 4. To bolster her chances at electoral victory, Millicent Hall will now be known as Millicent Goose.

Her fellow Democratic candidates for Delegate, Andrew Duck and Brandon Duck, quickly created a slate for District 4, called the “Duck Duck Goose” slate.

Andrew Duck released a statement, “Quack Quack.”

Brandon Duck was unreachable for comment, as he was running around a circle with Millicent hot on his heels.

Delegate Jesse Pippy, a Republican Candidate for Delegate in District 4, slammed the decision as a publicity stunt, “You know, I’m really happy for her. The District 4 race gives voters a clear choice about the direction that they want to take the State,” continuing his inability to say anything negative about anyone.

Early polling shows the Duck Duck Goose slate with a commanding 47 point lead among 5-11 year olds at elementary school playgrounds.

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Highly acclaimed satirist which DEFINITELY HAS NOT been nicknamed "Thor." Read my great reviews from people that like me: "It's Satire!" - Nisa Lewcomer "Get that microphone out of my face!" - People this one time "Great ghostwriter!" - Surk Bharpless "You're under arrest!" - Boss Hogg

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