Bric “Definitely Not Thor” Eeasley

Highly acclaimed satirist which DEFINITELY HAS NOT been nicknamed “Thor.” Read my great reviews from people that like me: “It’s Satire!” – Nisa Lewcomer “Get that microphone out of my face!” – People this one time “Great ghostwriter!” – Surk Bharpless “You’re under arrest!” – Boss Hogg

Satire: Sheriff Chuck Jenkins challenges Karl Bickel to duel, alleging voter fraud

FREDERICK, MD News (10/7/2022) – Sheriff Chuck Jenkins has formally challenged Democratic challenger Karl Bickel to a gentlemen’s duel to decide the outcome of the Sheriff’s race.

A recent poll conducted on Reddit indicates that Jenkins is down by 25 points in the general.

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Satire: District 4 Republican Candidates form the “Rock Paper Scissor” Slate

FREDERICK, MD News (9/30/2022) – The formation of the “Duck Duck Goose” slate has upended the District 4 Delegate race. With their recent 47 point jump in the pools, District 4 Republicans have taken their own drastic measures.

Delegate Barrie Ciliberti, Dr. April Miller, and Delegate Jesse Pippy, have changed their names to “Barrie Rock”, “April Paper”, and “Jesse Scissor.”

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