Satire: District 4 Republican Candidates form the “Rock Paper Scissor” Slate

FREDERICK, MD News (9/30/2022) – The formation of the “Duck Duck Goose” slate has upended the District 4 Delegate race. With their recent 47 point jump in the pools, District 4 Republicans have taken their own drastic measures.

Delegate Barrie Ciliberti, Dr. April Miller, and Delegate Jesse Pippy, have changed their names to “Barrie Rock”, “April Paper”, and “Jesse Scissor.”

Satire: Millicent Hall changes last name to Goose, Slate jumps 47 points in polls

FREDERICK, MD News (9/27/2022) – Millicent Hall has taken the bold step of changing her last name. She is currently running for Delegate in District 4. To bolster her chances at electoral victory, Millicent Hall will now be known as Millicent Goose.

Satire: EPA Rules Emissions from Burning Electric Cars Safe for Environment

WASHINGTON, DC News (9/25/2022) – Today the Environmental Protection Agency announced that it’s perfectly acceptable for electric cars to spontaneously combust, as these emissions are considered “green energy” fires, and much less harmful to the environment than emissions from a gasoline car catching fire.

Satire: We’re Totally Not Announcing the Return of The Hagerstown Report

HAGERSTOWN, MD News (9/22/2022) – After several weeks of mourning the loss of Hagerstown’s beloved satire site The Hagerstown Report, Radio Free Hub City is proud to announce the release of its new satire news section, Satire News That Is Totally Not The Hagerstown Report.

Opinion: Killing Satire, and Threats Thereof

HAGERSTOWN, MD News (9/12/2022) – On September 4, 2022, after 7 years of thriving satirical content, The Hagerstown Report was non-peacefully laid to rest due to violent threats from an angry local resident named Andrea who took issue with its ridicule of local residents for continuing to ignore warnings regarding underpass flooding, as well as additional mostly-non-violent threats from social media outlets and fact-checkers who fail to understand the definition of satire.