Satire: We’re Totally Not Announcing the Return of The Hagerstown Report

HAGERSTOWN, MD News (9/22/2022) – After several weeks of mourning the loss of Hagerstown’s beloved satire site The Hagerstown Report, Radio Free Hub City is proud to announce the release of its new satire news section, Satire News That Is Totally Not The Hagerstown Report.

This brave new experience in journalistic excellence will tackle tough questions, such as what seasoning does the City Park alligator use on her geese, and does the person who threatened the creator of The Hagerstown Report think he’d really back down that easy?

Brought to you by the creators of fuck around and find out, the original creator of The Hagerstown Report has a new project in store, codenamed surprise, I’m back! “I’m really excited about this new project, and can’t wait to ruffle some more feathers. The damn vaccine almost killed me, I’m not afraid of some girl with a big mouth,” said DJ Warbuckler, original creator of The Hagerstown Report as he petted his emotional support alligator.

The fact of the matter is, we’ve been looking for a way to incorporate satire content into Radio Free Hub City and discontinue The Hagerstown Report. And those silly threats we got were just the reason and motivation we needed. So thanks for that!

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Here Lies The Hagerstown Report 2015-2022. A***** RUINED EVERYTHING
Here Lies The Hagerstown Report 2015-2022. A* RUINED EVERYTHING

No satire writers were harmed while writing this article. Our satire articles are satire. No threats will ever shut us down.

Cover image credit: Emotional Support Alligator collage generated by Craiyon

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