When Attending Summer Carnivals, Choose Wisely

As another school year draws to a close and the weather begins to warm, Washington County eagerly awaits the summer season. Families’ calendars tend to fill quickly, and it can be difficult to pick and choose what local events to attend. Radio Free Hub City has a few suggestions, and after learning about the crucial purpose of these events, supporting will seem like a no-brainer.

Are you familiar with the game Would You Rather? Players are given a choice between two scenarios, and must choose which one they’d prefer, though both choices may be relatively undesirable. Let’s play now!

This is not a trick question. Washington County does not have a Fire Tax like many other places in The United States. On average, implementation of a Fire Tax results in an average of a 12% increase on your property taxes. Fire and Rescue efforts are vital to our communities, and the dedicated men and women that ensure we have access to critical emergency response deserve our support and respect. Without a Fire Tax, you may be wondering how our local fire and rescue operations get the funding they need to continue serving our area, and the answer is fundraising, especially carnivals!

However, before you attend a carnival, do your research. We highly recommend attending carnivals which are going to a good cause, such as local Fire and Rescue companies. Beware of strictly for-profit carnivals which make little impact for good locally. We know times are tough financially for many local families, and sometimes, travelling carnivals are privately owned for-profit setups that do not put any money back into local communities. These are often overpriced, and guests are underwhelmed by the offerings once they are finally through the crowded gates.

But not to worry, local carnivals that support fire and rescue operations have something for everyone to enjoy, and provide a family friendly atmosphere at a family friendly price.

The Great Boonsboro Carnival kicks off Friday, May 26, 2023. For Boonsboro Rescue Company 69, this annual fan- favorite event is the biggest fundraiser of the year! (That’s WAY more fun than more taxes, right!?)

This year, the Midway at the Great Boonsboro Carnival boasts some fantastic games and attractions. The rides are bigger and better than ever, but safety is a top priority! After all, this event benefits the brave men and women that help keep us safe. With delicious food and drink offerings, live music from popular local bands and more, The Great Boonsboro Carnival returns annually to the spacious, well-lit, accessible Shafer Memorial Park. Many carnival goers prefer this spacious grassy venue with plenty of places to sit and nice clean restroom facilities to the dim, dark confines of a parking lot where corporate carnivals often post up next to busy roads with limited parking.

The Great Boonsboro Carnival is the first up on a summer-long list of local carnivals that support vital services, local talent, and local vendors. For many families, this historic annual event marks the official beginning of summer, and many patrons return for multiple magical nights because there is so much to see and enjoy. Now that you have all the information, and know how some good clean fun can help save lives, we are sure The Great Boonsboro Carnival will have record attendance. If you’re still trying to decide if you’d rather support overpriced corporate knock-offs or pay extra taxes, Radio Free Hub City will have to catch up with you later- FUNNEL CAKE is calling our name!

Keep an eye out for our coverage of other local carnivals supporting local causes throughout the summer!

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