When Attending Summer Carnivals, Choose Wisely

As another school year draws to a close and the weather begins to warm, Washington County eagerly awaits the summer season. Families’ calendars tend to fill quickly, and it can be difficult to pick and choose what local events to attend. Radio Free Hub City has a few suggestions, and after learning about the crucial purpose of these events, supporting will seem like a no-brainer.

Big News For School Lunches

Popular food manufacturing brand Kraft Heinz is going back to school, offering a popular item to school cafeterias. Most parents are probably familiar with the popular Lunchables product line, a historically kid-friendly and convenient way to pack a lunch. Now, Lunchables will be offered to students from the school cafeteria- with a caveat.

Local Salon Plans “Soup-er” Event to Benefit Area’s Hungry

SMITHSBURG, MD News (3/10/2023) – Recently, federal food assistance programs decreased recipients’ benefit amounts to pre-pandemic amounts. For years, recipients had been receiving an extra amount to help families have access to nutritious food during the Covid-19 pandemic. Beginning in March 2023, many households received hundreds of dollars less than their previous allotment of SNAP benefits, and unfortunately, this comes at a time when inflation and other factors have sent grocery prices ever climbing. More and more families are turning to food banks and other community outreach programs to make sure that their families have food. The good news is, members of our community, like The Artist’s Pallette Hair Salon and Gallery are stepping up to help!

“Pardon”Me? Marijuana Possession Could Be Removed From Your Record

Many states have now legalized medical and even recreational sales and use of marijuana, but according to the federal government, marijuana is still illegal. Many people feel that they suffered serious penalties for drug crimes convictions though marijuana is legal in some form in much of the nation. Having such a conviction on your record can make it difficult to get a good job, apply for certain benefits, or even join the military. Fortunately, there is some good news for those convicted of Simple Possession of Marijuana.

Ready to “Get Trashy?”- Eastern Blvd Cleanup Effort Planned

HAGERSTOWN, MD News (3/1/2023) – The Hub City certainly has it’s bragging points, but litter is not one of them. Over the years, residents could not help but notice that some areas, once beautiful, are now nearly covered in garbage. Social media discussions usually focus on how awful the litter looks to passers by, or trying to decide who is or ought to be responsible for cleanup efforts to return these messy areas to their previously clean state. While these are certainly valid discussions, not much has been done to tidy these areas- until now.

Social Media and The New Price of Privacy?

Recently, users have noticed popular social media platforms introducing costs and subscriptions. Many users and content creators seem to scoff at the notion of paying to verify their accounts, access certain content, or utilize certain features that were previously at seemingly no cost. It turns out, users may have already been “paying” for these features and services with their personal data.

Maryland State Arts Council Opens New Grant Program

HAGERSTOWN, MD News (1/19/2023) – Radio Free Hub City loves indie artists! A new grant opportunity from The Maryland State Arts Council is open to Maryland artists in many media and genres! To qualify, an artist must be a resident of the state, provide examples of works they are actively creating, and demonstrate how their creations benefit their community.

Ready, Set, GROW: Community Garden Has Spaces Available

HAGERSTOWN, MD News (1/16/2023) – Shoppers have undoubtedly noticed the price of fresh produce continues to rise. People want to eat healthy, but what can you do if you don’t have a place to grow your own food? Fortunately, Hagerstown offers a solution that provides both space and camaraderie for the modern Urban Gardener!