Maryland State Arts Council Opens New Grant Program

HAGERSTOWN, MD News (1/19/2023) – Radio Free Hub City loves indie artists! A new grant opportunity from The Maryland State Arts Council is open to Maryland artists in many media and genres! To qualify, an artist must be a resident of the state, provide examples of works they are actively creating, and demonstrate how their creations benefit their community.

Ready, Set, GROW: Community Garden Has Spaces Available

HAGERSTOWN, MD News (1/16/2023) – Shoppers have undoubtedly noticed the price of fresh produce continues to rise. People want to eat healthy, but what can you do if you don’t have a place to grow your own food? Fortunately, Hagerstown offers a solution that provides both space and camaraderie for the modern Urban Gardener!

Robert W. Johnson Community Center for the Youth Subject of Local Petition

HAGERSTOWN, MD News (11/29/2022) – Members of the Jonathan Street community have started a petition they feel is necessary to save their local community center. The Robert W. Johnson Community Center (RWJCC) is a community staple that provides resources and activities for local children in Hagerstown, MD. With over half of the goal of 1000 signatures, members of the community are voicing their displeasure regarding how the RWJCC board is running the facility.

Maryland Elections: Ballot Measures

Maryland News (11/9/2022) – In addition to voting for candidates for various local and statewide positions, Maryland residents had the opportunity to directly vote in support or opposition to several issues and topics, known as ballot measures. A total of five ballot measures were presented to voters, and all five have passed. Here is a brief rundown of each measure:

Practical Gift Giving

In decades past, gift cards and certificates were often chalked up as something to give a person when you couldn’t think of anything else. Most were for restaurants or brick and mortar stores. Times, they are a’changin’, and with many families struggling to stay afloat amid rising costs and inflation, the gift card is poised to become the latest “thoughtful present.”

Fact or Folklore: Winter Weather Edition

Throughout history, people have devised ways to study natural indicators to predict long-term weather. Even with the technology of today’s modern meteorology, many people find that the “old ways” can still prove accurate. Though it may sound like nothing more than an Old Wives Tale, some weather buffs say that by observing the coloring of the Wooly Bear Caterpillar’s bands, we can gauge the severity of the winter weather ahead.

Just in case this colloquial wisdom rings true, let’s see your Wooly Bear Prediction Photos! Email your photos to and we might feature them on our site!