How To: Find What Books are Available in WCPS Libraries

HAGERSTOWN, MD News (11/4/2022) – Despite the lack of responses from WCPS officials on the matter, Radio Free Hub City has identified how to find what books are available in WCPS libraries across the county. As such, we’ve created a guide on how to access this information on the Internet.

Step 1) Visit the WCPS Library Resources Portal at

Step 2) Select a school on the left. It doesn’t actually matter which school, if you want to search the entire catalog.

Step 3) Click “Catalog” at the top of the page

Step 4) Change the location drop-down to what you’d like to search. You can search all of WCPS, or narrow your search to Elementary, Middle, or High Schools.

Step 5) Enter your search query and click the appropriate button to search by keyword, author, title, subject, or series.

Step 6) Locate the title you’d like more information about and click it.
In this example, we’ve searched for books located in Elementary Schools with “sex” as the subject

Step 7) After clicking the title, you can see basic information about the book, its description, and ISBN. You can see which schools have the book by clicking on the Copies tab in the upper right corner.
In this example, we’ve selected “George” by Alex Gino, which according to searches is available in at least one elementary school in WCPS.

Step 8) You can browse the location of all copies of the book in WCPS school libraries.
In this example, we’ve selected “George” by Alex Gino. It is available at Greenbrier Elementary, Hancock Elementary, and Springfield Middle.

A few notes:

  • If a book is checked out, the system will tell you when it’s expected to be returned
  • If you want more information about a book, such as a reviews, the best way would be to search for the ISBN number.
  • If you want to read the book for yourself without purchasing it, can help you locate the book at a nearby public library.

We hope this guide is useful for parents who want to learn more about what’s available in their school libraries.

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