Lost in the Mail? School Board Claims Emails not Being Delivered

HAGERSTOWN, MD News (11/5/2022) – After publishing our previous article, Darrell Evans from the WCPS Board of Education replied to a comment on our post, claiming that neither he nor the rest of the Board of Education received our emails with request for comment. We will be reaching out to WCPS for further comment and discussion on this issue, but in the meantime we invite any Board of Education member to reach out to us through social media if they would like to provide comment on our article.

Washington County Public Schools is the first government agency to ever have difficulty with receiving emails from our email address. Radio Free Hub City has used our email address to successfully communicate with multiple government agencies, including:

  • City of Hagerstown
  • Washington County Government
  • Washington County Sheriff’s Office
  • Town of Smithsburg
  • City of Frederick
  • Frederick County Sheriff’s Office

To be clear, Radio Free Hub City emailed the Board of Education from our email address RFHCNews@columnist.com at 10 AM on November 3, 2022. We did not receive a rejection notice from the WCPS email servers, and therefore believed that our email went through without issue. Mr. Evans stated that he even checked his spam folder, and did not see our emails there.

Our emails did not contain any URLs or web addresses, and did not contain any attachments. A full copy of the email is below.

The thought that WCPS school system would reject clearly harmless emails is concerning. However, it does answer the question as to why some members of the community’s questions are going unanswered. Apparently, the WCPS email system has been silently dropping legitimate emails to Board of Education members, and probably the rest of WCPS for over a year since that’s how long parents and community members have been trying to get answers from the Board of Education on this topic.

Mr. Evans also expressed concern with the fact that we did not call all seven Board of Education members when we did not receive a response. As a policy, Radio Free Hub City does not take quotes or official comments over the phone, so that we cannot misquote someone. This however is ultimately irrelevant, as the focus of our article was on the continued pattern over the past year of school board members not answering questions regarding this issue. That was the focus of the article – the continued non-response to community questions.

Apparently, we now have our answer why the community isn’t getting answers. The WCPS email system is dropping legitimate emails which in no way resemble spam. If our emails aren’t coming through, then there’s a high likelihood that emails from concerned parents also aren’t making it either.

Article by Ken Buckler, President and Managing Editor.

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