Hagerstown and Frederick Police Respond to False Rumors of Violent Incidents at Local Schools

HAGERSTOWN, MD News (11/3/2022) – Today the Hagerstown Police Department took to social media to dispel rumors regarding an active shooter at a local school. While HPD did not indicate which school was targeted by the rumors, other social media posts indicated that North High was the school targeted by the rumors.

According to HPD, “There is inaccurate and blatantly FALSE information being circulated on social media that there was an active shooter at one of our schools this morning. There was a disturbance among high school students. There were NO guns involved much less an active shooter. These types of posts instill panic and fear and it’s completely inappropriate to be spreading a rumor of such a thing.”

FREDERICK, MD News (11/3/2022) – In an unrelated but similar event, Frederick County Sheriff’s Office took to social media to inform residents that there was no stabbing at Green Valley Elementary School.

At approximately 12:24 today the FCSO received a call for service of multiple stabbings at Green Valley Elementary School. The caller was informed by a school teacher to make the call. Deputies immediately responded and quickly determined that there was no stabbings.

Upon further investigation, it was found that the same teacher took 27 students through the woods to a local cafe. The school was initially put on a lockdown status and then moved to a hold status. As of 2 PM the school is now back into a secure status with business back to normal. Dismissal will take place as normal.

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