Maryland Congressman David Trone Faces Controversy After Alleged Threatening Incident

Cover Photo: David Trone. From House Congressional Site, Public Domain.

Hagerstown, MD News (5/16/2023) – David Trone, the current Representative in Congress for Maryland’s 6th district, is facing scrutiny after an incident at a Tempe, Arizona, Total Wine & More store where he is the owner. The incident involved Trone allegedly threatening a worker, Cody Huard, who was assisting with a delivery of merchandise. Huard reported the incident to the police, stating that Trone threatened him by saying, “I will execute you” and “You’re not on my payroll, I will end you right now.”

"I will execute you" --David Trone, from Tempe, AZ police department report, 12/15/2021

The incident occurred on December 15, 2021, but it was not widely reported until recently. The Spectator initially covered the story, and it has since gained traction on social media as well as some news outlets. Trone, who is looking to run for United States Senator in Maryland to replace the retiring Ben Cardin, has not yet commented on the incident.

Trone, who is known for his philanthropic work and business success, has been previously criticized for his selling alcohol, while claiming to combat addiction.

Trone only recently announced his candidacy for the Senate, and is expected to spend millions of his own dollars to secure the seat, much like he did for Maryland’s 6th Congressional District. The seat is considered safe for Democrats, and Trone would likely face little opposition if he makes it past the primary.

However, the incident in Tempe may complicate Trone’s path to the Senate. It remains to be seen how the incident will affect Trone’s political future, but it is clear that it has already become a major issue for his campaign. Trone has not yet commented on the incident, but he will likely be forced to address it soon if he wants to win over skeptical voters in Maryland.

Story by RFHC Staff.

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