Ready to “Get Trashy?”- Eastern Blvd Cleanup Effort Planned

HAGERSTOWN, MD News (3/1/2023) – The Hub City certainly has it’s bragging points, but litter is not one of them. Over the years, residents could not help but notice that some areas, once beautiful, are now nearly covered in garbage. Social media discussions usually focus on how awful the litter looks to passers by, or trying to decide who is or ought to be responsible for cleanup efforts to return these messy areas to their previously clean state. While these are certainly valid discussions, not much has been done to tidy these areas- until now.

Our good friends at Sloan School Of Music located on Eastern Blvd. in Hagerstown MD, have decided to take action, and they need your help! On Saturday March 11, 2023, volunteers from Sloan School of Music and members of the community plan to sacrifice a few hours of their time to get out there and clean up some of the litter and rubbish that has turned Eastern Blvd. into an eyesore. Sloan School of Music and other businesses along the road are not legally responsible for cleanup efforts, but sometimes, residents and local businesses can make an enormous impact by volunteering to undertake a generous task like this.

Radio Free Hub City will be out in full force, and we encourage our friends and followers to come out and show Sloan School of Music how much we support and appreciate their “take action” attitude in this much needed matter. What do you say, Hub City? Are you ready to “get trashy” with us? Click and respond to the Event Page for all the details on how you can help! If you regrettably cannot attend but would like to help, please contact Radio Free Hub City’s BB Boring to learn more about donating supplies like gloves or trash bags to aid the cleanup crew in this fantastic project!

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