Locally Produced Zombie Thriller “Z-ero” Coming to Theaters this February

HAGERSTOWN, MD News (1/13/2023) – The zombie thriller “Z-ero”, written and directed in the four-state area by Wesley Spangler, is set to release to theatres on February 18, 2023 in Waynesboro, PA, and February 24, 2023 in Winchester, VA.

Z-ero Teaser Trailer

Z-ero tells the story of Johnny Barnes (also played by Spangler), an otherwise average man trying to survive in a world being taken over by zombies, when he is infected himself. Instead of becoming a zombie, he develops special abilities, and embarks upon a mission to help rid the world of the cold-bodies and discover his full potential.

The film starred many local first time actors, and even has a few surprise appearances from some Radio Free Hub City contributors.

Tickets for Waynesboro and Winchester showings are available online until sold out.

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