City of Hagerstown Unveils New Logo

HAGERSTOWN, MD News (10/26/2022) – Mayor Emily Keller revealed the symbol of the City of Hagerstown’s new brand at Tuesday night’s regular session.

The colorful logo, or mark, embodies the exciting direction in which the city is headed and provides a 21st century image it can use to market itself—something Hagerstown has never had.

The logo was created through a collaborative effort with Guide Studio, out of Ohio, who incorporated input gathered from community surveys, community members and stakeholders, a steering committee, City staff, the elected body, and visits to Hagerstown in order to design it.

The creation of this mark is one of the initial steps in a much larger branding and imaging campaign on which the City embarked back in January in accordance with the Mayor & Council’s strategic plan.

“One of the things our administration has been focused on is bringing back and encouraging the sense of community in Hagerstown,” Mayor Keller explained. “We realized that a lot of other similar municipalities had a strong brand- an image- that was uniform, easily identifiable, and fun for people to wear, carry with them, and support. When we looked at Hagerstown as a brand, it was clear we didn’t have that same uniform image, so we asked the question, “Who are we?” I think our new image embodies who we are, where we’ve been and where we want to go. We hope that all of our citizens will embrace this new Hagerstown brand, show pride in our community, and celebrate that our best is yet to come. It’s our time, Hagerstown.”

The traditional “wheat stalks” City seal will not go away. It will be used to represent the City of Hagerstown in official capacities and for formal applications.

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