Protest at Dan’s Tap House: Seinfeld and Care Bears Take the Stage

Cover Photo: Shaun Porter with his protest sign in Boonsboro, MD. Photo by Ken Buckler.

This is part of a continuing story regarding the alleged discrimination lawsuit at Dan’s Tap House. Since original publishing of this story, Dan’s Tap House issued a statement on 2/28/2023 which is available here.

BOONSBORO, MD News (2/25/2023) – Today in Boonsboro’s town square, passers-by witnessed a protest against Dan’s Tap House, including a sign with references to Seinfeld, and even a Care Bear. Unfortunately, Radio Free Hub City was met with hostility from Dan’s staff, and even demanded that we leave a public sidewalk.

After receiving a tip this morning that Shaun Porter would be protesting in front of Dan’s Tap House today, Ken Buckler, President and managing editor of Radio Free Hub City, travelled to Dan’s Tap House to cover the story. Upon arriving at Dan’s and identifying himself to staff members outside, the manager Mike Skinner proceeded to accuse us of not reporting in good faith. Skinner then further claimed “you’re not a real reporter”, while the other staff member present continued to demand that Buckler leave. Editor’s note: We’re very disappointed in this response from the manager of Dan’s Tap House, especially as we’ve been in the process of trying to setup an interview to get the Tap House’s side of the story. We will still publish any statement or interview from Dan’s if it becomes available.

While there was no legal requirement for him to do so as he was on a public sidewalk, Buckler acknowledged the request and walked across the street to interview Shaun Porter and the other protesters. Porter was in the process of unloading his protest sign as Buckler approached the vehicle.

“I need to stand up for those who are weaker than me, smaller than me, the lowest of the low in our society, we’ve gotta stand up for the little people,” stated Porter.

Buckler then proceeded to attempt to cross the street away from Dan’s and the protesters, but was delayed by the light. As the protest began, Buckler removed himself from the area so he would not be mistaken for one of the protesters. Porter then shouted false claims that Buckler was responsible for the protest and sign, as Buckler left the area. Editor’s note: No one at Radio Free Hub City is responsible for any part of this protest or the sign.

The full video can be viewed below:

“I wish they wouldn’t do this. It certainly brings attention to the problems at Dan’s but the problems are not political ones. It’s about Dan’s toxic culture and how they abused a former black employee and so many innocent customers. Anyone that thinks this is about BLM, Trump or any other political issue is ignoring the facts so they can promote an agenda that is not mine,” stated Neal Glessner when asked for comment regarding the protest.

Reaching out to one of the co-owners of Dan’s Tap House, Daniel Aufdem-Brinke, Radio Free Hub City was informed that a statement would be forthcoming, but could not be released at this time.

Since original publishing of this story, Dan’s Tap House issued a statement on 2/28/2023 which is available here.

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