What’s a State’s Attorney? Understanding Local Government

A State’s Attorney is an important legal official who plays a critical role in the organization of local government. The State’s Attorney is responsible for representing the state in criminal cases within their jurisdiction, and they work closely with law enforcement agencies and other legal officials to ensure that justice is served for the people of their state.

“Pardon”Me? Marijuana Possession Could Be Removed From Your Record

Many states have now legalized medical and even recreational sales and use of marijuana, but according to the federal government, marijuana is still illegal. Many people feel that they suffered serious penalties for drug crimes convictions though marijuana is legal in some form in much of the nation. Having such a conviction on your record can make it difficult to get a good job, apply for certain benefits, or even join the military. Fortunately, there is some good news for those convicted of Simple Possession of Marijuana.

Attorney General Brown Testifies on Civil Rights Enforcement

BALTIMORE, MD News (3/1/2023) – Maryland Attorney General Anthony G. Brown today will testify in support of proposed legislation that reflects his top priorities as Maryland’s new Attorney General—fighting discrimination and inequities, protecting Marylanders against civil rights violations, pursuing remedies for unlawful police practices, and enhancing public safety.

The Other Side of the Story: Dan’s Tap House Responds to Allegations

BOONSBORO, MD News (2/28/2023) – Daniel Aufdem-Brinke, co-owner of Dan’s Tap House, has issued a statement for Radio Free Hub City to share in lieu of an interview. In the statement, he discusses how Dan’s Tap House is meant to be inclusive for all, and that he believes the allegations in Neal Glessner’s lawsuit are “beyond preposterous”. RFHC contributor BB Boring reads the statement in the following video.

Protest at Dan’s Tap House: Seinfeld and Care Bears Take the Stage

BOONSBORO, MD News (2/25/2023) – Today in Boonsboro’s town square, passers-by witnessed a protest against Dan’s Tap House, including a sign with references to Seinfeld, and even a Care Bear. Unfortunately, Radio Free Hub City was met with hostility from Dan’s staff, and even demanded that we leave a public sidewalk.

A new US data privacy bill aims to give you more control over information collected about you – and make businesses change how they handle data

(8/25/2022) – With rare bipartisan support, the American Data and Privacy Protection Act recently moved out of the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Energy and Commerce by a vote of 53-2. Given the Biden administration’s responsible data practices strategy, White House support is likely.