20 Fun Activities to Keep Active this Winter

Winter can be a fun time of year with the right activities. Here are the top 20 activities to try this winter. Note that some of these might require you to travel out of our area.

  1. Skiing or snowboarding: If you live in a place with snow, hitting the slopes can be a thrilling way to spend a winter day.
  2. Ice skating: Lace up your skates and take to the ice for a fun afternoon activity.
  3. Snowshoeing: If you want to explore the winter wilderness, try snowshoeing. It’s a great way to get some exercise and enjoy the beauty of nature.
  4. Sledding: Sledding is a classic winter activity that’s fun for people of all ages.
  5. Build a snowman: Building a snowman is a fun winter activity for kids and adults alike. Don’t forget to give your snowman a carrot nose and coal eyes!
  6. Have a snowball fight: A snowball fight is a great way to have fun with friends or family. Just be sure to stay safe and avoid throwing snowballs too hard.
  7. Go ice fishing: If you’re up for a more peaceful winter activity, try ice fishing. It’s a great way to spend a quiet day outdoors.
  8. Take a winter hike: Bundle up and hit the trails for a winter hike. The scenery can be especially beautiful when everything is covered in snow.
  9. Go tubing: Tubing can be a lot of fun, especially if you have a hill nearby. Just make sure to stay safe and follow any rules or guidelines.
  10. Try cross-country skiing: Cross-country skiing is a great way to get some exercise and enjoy the winter scenery.
  11. Go to a hockey game: Whether you’re a fan of professional hockey or just want to watch a local game, attending a hockey game can be a fun winter activity.
  12. Have a movie marathon: When it’s cold outside, it can be nice to curl up with some blankets and watch a bunch of movies.
  13. Go to a winter festival: Many cities and towns have winter festivals that feature activities like ice sculpting, music, and food.
  14. Play board games: Board games are a great way to pass the time on a cold winter day.
  15. Try a new winter sport: There are plenty of other winter sports you can try, such as curling, biathlon, or ice climbing.
  16. Visit a holiday market: Many cities have holiday markets that feature festive food, gifts, and other fun activities.
  17. Go ice climbing: If you’re feeling adventurous, give ice climbing a try. It can be a challenging but rewarding activity.
  18. Have a bonfire: If you have access to a fireplace or a fire pit, having a bonfire can be a fun way to spend a winter evening.
  19. Go to a winter concert: Many bands and musicians go on tour during the winter, so you may be able to catch a concert in your area.
  20. Learn a new winter hobby: Winter is a great time to try out a new hobby, such as knitting, painting, or woodworking.

There are plenty of fun activities you can enjoy during the winter months. Whether you prefer outdoor sports or indoor activities, there’s something for everyone. Just remember to dress warmly and stay safe!

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