Hub City Independent News Awards for 2022

HAGERSTOWN, MD News (12/13/2022) – Social media has changed not only the way we communicate, but the way we stay informed of local news and events. Radio Free Hub City has decided to formally recognize the local leaders in independent news. These groups work tirelessly to keep the community informed, not for profits, but because they care. What really makes these sources stand out is their strict just-the-facts reporting without injecting opinion or bias.

The 2022 Independent News Awards

Fire and EMS

Winner: Washington County MD Fire Calls

Since 2012, Washington County MD Fire Calls has been providing information to Hagerstown and Washington County regarding emergencies, including fires, traffic accidents, and more. Also included are mutual aid calls for neighboring counties in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.


Winner: The All Wise Weather Guesser

Since 2013, The All Wise Weather Guesser has featured the forecasts of Jim Vaughn, professional forecaster for the National Weather Service and owner of NowCast Weather Radio Network.

Honorable Mention: WV Eastern Panhandle Weather

Covering the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia since 2012, WV Eastern Panhandle Weather provides excellent forecasts mostly focused on West Virginia, but often includes the Hagerstown and Washington County area.


Winner: Quad-State Traffic Watch

Quad-State Traffic Watch has been providing updates on local traffic conditions in the four-state area since 2013. They provide text and photo updates of traffic conditions, as well as information about planned closures and events.

Honorable Mention: The Frederick Scanner

The Frederick Scanner provides live traffic camera views and monitoring of Frederick County, MD area emergency frequencies. Operating since 2010, The Frederick Scanner is a must-watch for Washington County residents who need to travel through Frederick on a regular basis.

Why This All Matters

As public trust in traditional news media continues to plummet, while other local news media outlets have either been purchased by large national companies or simply left the area to cover Washington DC, it’s important for residents to have local, unbiased news at their fingertips.

Here at Radio Free Hub City, we firmly believe that residents should get their news from multiple sources, preferably local independent media. That’s why we’re taking the time to recognize these independent sources. It’s not about who gets the most visitors or brings in the most ad revenue – it’s about keeping local residents informed.

Congratulations to all of the sources in this list of awards, and we truly do appreciate your efforts to help the community.

Did we miss a source? Should a local independent news source have been highlighted that we didn’t include? Let us know in the comments!

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