Washington County Government Contacts and Important Info

In response to the continuing outage of County computer systems, including the County website, Radio Free Hub City has setup a temporary collection of webpages with important information about the county, as well as direct dial numbers for County services. We have replaced some of our regular advertising with this article to help community members during this situation.

If you’re unable to find the information you’re looking for here, the general County contact line is:


The Highway Department performs all types of road maintenance to the county’s road system including but not limited to patching, resurfacing, stabilization of dirt roads, keeping ditch lines clear of debris, mowing along county right of ways, mowing storm water management ponds, snow and ice removal, line striping, signal maintenance and signing of County roads both regulatory and directional.

Treasurer’s Office

The Washington County Treasurer is primarily responsible for revenue collection. The office performs a variety of services to a wide range of constituents including citizens, taxpayers, businesses, governmental agencies and employees of the County.

Public Relations

Information about Washington County, MD Public Relations department

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