Exploring Crystals, Their Practical Applications, and Possible Healing Powers

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HAGERSTOWN, MD – For over a year, local business KnS SnS Mystic Crystals & Stones has been providing unique creations touched by mother nature herself – crystals and minerals of amazing shapes, sizes, and quality. But what are crystals and minerals, and why are we so fascinated by them? In addition to their beauty, as well as their practical applications in electronics such as radios, computers, and watches, some believe crystals may even possess healing powers.

Quartz Crystals Photo by Castorly Stock
Quartz Crystals Photo by Castorly Stock

The information in this article is not intended to be medical advice, and a qualified medical practitioner should be consulted before attempting any alternative medical treatment or therapy.

There are millions of crystals and minerals that exist on the earth, but few of them are prized as gems and used for adornment. Many of them aren’t in colors that are usually extremely prized for jewelry, or they’re unable to be cut and polished to be wearable as jewelry.

Often it’s a matter of changing taste and times. In Imperial Russia and in the Victorian era, the mineral malachite and other opaque minerals were extremely valued as gemstones jewelry. It is often a by-product of copper mining, and is distinguished by a fantastic green color, with dark concentric circles of color swirling by ways of it. It’s not as extremely valued for the reason that it’s simply available and not as pricey as an emerald or ruby. But there is an entire room devoted to malachite in the Russian museum, the Hermitage, as testament to its desirability by the most privileged class of people.

Very often some minerals can’t easily be used as gemstones, but as a result of their beauty, people wear them as such anyway. A moonstone is one such gem. It’s relatively soft, with a rating of 6 on Moh’s scale of mineral hardness, compared to a diamond’s hardness rating of ten. It’s a sort of mineral called orthoclase, but when it exhibits a translucent, milky quality, it’s then called moonstone.

Other minerals exist, but are not easily prized for gemstones. Between the more frequent minerals, quartz stands out as one that might be used for jewelry, and also decorative items.

Crystal Pendant Photo by Noelle Otto
Crystal Pendant Photo by Noelle Otto

In Ancient Egypt, glazed quartz served as a alternative when no high quality examples of Turquoise could be found. The Greeks had originally named quartz, krystallos, the word for ice, but this eventually came to mean any crystal. In China’s Ming Dynasty, quartz often showed up as stone in jewelry work. In Pre-Columbian America, explorations of Mixtec graves have uncovered quartz use for ear jewelry. In European history, Queen Elizabeth I’s court spiritualist’s crystal ball was Smoky Quartz, which is additionally the national gem of Scotland, whose national scepter included a large Smoky Quartz on its top. In modern times, it was the first crystal used in radio transmission and reception and was vital in the development of watches and computers.

While quartz is the most plentiful mineral on earth, it in addition provides an eternal fascination and beauty for experts and casual observers alike. It is discovered in closely every geological background and is at least a component of almost every rock type. It is in addition the most altered in terms of varieties, colors and forms. This diversity comes about due to the abundance and widespread distribution of quartz. A collector could simply have hundreds of quartz specimens and not have two that are the same because of the many broad classifications.

Quartz Crystal Photo by Alina Vilchenko
Quartz Crystal Photo by Alina Vilchenko

Quartz is mostly clear, but in granite it is in addition cloudy white or grayish in color. It can in addition be dark (as in smoky quartz). Lots of gemstones are actually less normal colored varieties of quartz. Examples include purple amethyst, yellow citrine, and pink rose quartz. The reason that quartz is so resistant to weathering because of its chemical composition and atomic bonds; it accumulates as the other minerals in a rock erode. Light colored beach, Aeolian and alluvial sand is composed of principally quartz grains.

While some people collect crystals for their beauty, or possibly even for spiritual reasons, others believe that crystals have healing powers. The utilization of Crystals for crystal healing, or gem healing, has been linked to mental, physical, spiritual health, charkas’ energy, whose Healing Power followers of the New Age, Psychic Healing and Atlantis and Crystal Healers have long revered for relieving pain, pressure, depression, anxiety in the mind, body and spirit. Spiritual Healers believe this approach to substitute medicine is important for ensuring health. 

“In a crystal we have clear evidence of the existence of a formative life principle, and though we cannot understand the life of a crystal, it is nonetheless a living being.”

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

Quotes by Nikolai Tesla

Not only do quartz crystals generate spectacular light refractions, they also generate an electrical reaction when pressure is applied through a principle called a piezoelectric effect. The power contained within crystals is best illustrated by Nikolai Tesla, who believed that crystals even showed evidence of a higher power which brought order to life, and spoke how the entire universe is based upon energy, frequency, and vibration. Since quartz crystals and their natural vibration frequencies were used for the first radios and computers, it’s safe to say that maybe Tesla was on to something! (but we might be a little biased since we’re an Internet radio station) Few people realize it, but many of the electronics we take for granted today could not have been possible if it wasn’t for scientific research regarding frequencies and vibrations of crystals. Even our smart devices utilize liquid crystals for their screens, known as liquid crystal displays, or LCDs.

“Crystals have fascinated us for decades, and even now science is still discovering their practical applications and untapped potential. There’s no denying that when you look at crystals, there really does appear to be something magical.”

Quote by Kyle Marsden, KnS SnS Mystic Crystals & Stones

While science continues to explore the practical applications of crystals, the healing and mystical properties of crystals will undoubtedly remain up for debate for years to come. One thing however is certain – crystals sure are beautiful to admire. If you’re looking to get started in collecting crystals, or add to your collection, KnS SnS Mystic Crystals has an excellent variety available in their online shop, or look for them at local craft and vendor shows in the Hagerstown, MD and Martinsburg, WV areas.

This is a sponsored article paid for by KnS SnS Mystic Crystals & Stones, written by RFHC Staff.

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