Choosing an Internet Provider in the Hagerstown, MD Area

HAGERSTOWN, MD and the surrounding area have multiple internet providers available. A lot of residents will be limited to geographic area limitations, but fortunately there are typically several options available for most area residents. The following is a guide to available providers in the area, and how to get in touch with them.

Antietam Broadband

Formerly Antietam Cable, Antietam Broadband provides internet access for a large part of Hagerstown and Washington County.

Plans start at $49.95/mo, but pricing may vary, especially when bundled with other packages such as TV or Phone.

Highest Speed Available: 1 Gbps
Data Caps: None


Verizon DSL

Verizon offers “High Speed” internet for Hagerstown area customers, with limited availability based upon location. Plans start at $24.99/mo but widely vary based on geographic location

Highest Speed Available: Varies
Data Caps: Varies


Point Broadband

Point Broadband, formerly Hagerstown Fiber, provides high-speed fiberoptic internet access. Plans start at $44.95/mo. Geographic availability is limited.

Highest Speed Available: 1 Gbps
Data Caps: None



Telegia Skyburst is an excellent option for more rural users outside traditional internet provider locations. Line of sight to a Telegia tower is required for access. Prices vary based on location, and typically require a contract.

Highest Speed Available: 30 Mbps
Data Caps: None



HughesNet is a satellite-based Internet provider. Service is limited based upon having a clear line-of-sight to HughesNet’s satellites. HughesNet’s pricing does not appear to be transparent.

Highest Speed Available: 25 Mbps
Data Caps: Yes – Speed throttled to 1-3 Mbps upon reaching data cap



Starlink is a satellite-based Internet provider. Service is very limited to early testers in the Hagerstown area. Initial hardware fee of $599 and monthly fee of $110 as of the time of writing this article. Faster speeds and lower latency than traditional satellite providers, since Starlink is is a lower orbit closer to the Earth.

Highest Speed Available: 50 to 200 Mbps
Data Caps: None, yet (may implement speed throttling in future)


What’s your experience?

We’d love to hear from you what experiences you’ve had with local internet providers. Please feel free to share in the comments section below!

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