Hagerstown Group Finds Clues Linking to Possible Civil War era Treasure

HAGERSTOWN, MD – The cast and crew of “History Hub Hunters” believe they might be hot on the trail to finding lost Confederate gold from the Civil War, hidden in the Hagerstown, Maryland area by a secret organization known as the Knights of the Golden Circle (KGC).

What was originally supposed to be a show exploring local history through metal detecting and magnet fishing has taken an unexpected twist, as the cast and crew have found clues linking Hagerstown, Maryland to the KGC, an organization suspected of being the original depositors of almost 5,000 gold coins found in a Baltimore home in 1934. The coins were believed to be part of a plot to kidnap or assassinate Abraham Lincoln in 1861.

“We’re still going to focus on local history, we’re still going to film episodes not related to the treasure search,” said Ken Buckler, the show’s creator and producer, “I wasn’t expecting the show to go down this path, but it certainly adds a welcome and exciting element to this season.”

Associate producer BB Boring mirrored Buckler’s enthusiasm, “A lifetime of curiosity has morphed into a new kind of thrill. One discovery at a time, we are moving beyond theory and into the realm of solid proof, and I’m so excited to see what we find next.”

In addition to searching for the treasure as part of the show, the producers will document their research and findings in a book called “The Knight After“, which examines in-depth the KGC’s existence and remnants after the Civil War.

The beginning of the hunt for the possible KGC treasure will begin with Season 2 of History Hub Hunters, which is now available on YouTube.

Disclaimer: History Hub Hunters and Radio Free Hub City are owned by the same parent company, Red Mana Properties, LLC.

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