Washington County Maryland Shows Local Growth Despite Challenges

Each year, people tune in to the State Of The Union address, but did you know our county commissioners have compiled a similar address just for us? This year’s update was full of good news, describing all the great things Washington County accomplished in 2021, and a sneak peek of what residents can look forward to in 2022. According to the State of the County address, Washington County surpassed the goals set by community leaders in 2021. Though a global pandemic continued to affect daily life, out community came together to find a new way forward and accomplish important works despite the hardships we faced.

In the past year, community leaders worked together to provide new jobs in our area, improve infrastructure, and find new ways to help residents thrive during the pandemic. By identifying obstacles, county officials got their hands dirty, rolled up their sleeves, and found ways to provide solutions to the challenges we face. Residents can rest assured that local leaders have heard their pleas and are doing everything they can to improve the lives of everyone that calls Washington County home.

Some of the notable achievements in 2021 demonstrate the focus on local well-being. Six new busses and one paratransit unit were added to the County Commuter fleet, and seven busses are slated to be replaced in 2022. This will make public transportation more accessible to everyone. With fuel prices continuing to rise, residents are thankful for an affordable alternative to personal transportation. Major repairs to roadways were made, and damage from severe weather was fixed. 2021 saw record breaking crowds at parks and outdoor attractions. There is plenty to enjoy at parks throughout the county, especially with a new dog park at Marty Snook and a simulator at Black Rock Golf Course, which allows golfers to play courses from all over the nation while enjoying the comfort of an indoor experience. Even the county’s websites were improved to make sure that visitors and residents could explore local businesses or find services in their preferred language with a simple click or tap. A local business directory is also available onli

Speaking of local businesses, it’s now even easier to support local businesses, and with over 4,000 acres of the county now in Opportunity Zones, business owners can apply for grants, learn about tax credits, and be made aware of other incentives. Elected officials have worked diligently to allocate federal and state funding to the people that need it most. Millions of dollars were secured for things like housing assistance and education, and the Community Action Council is standing by ready to help.

This year, in 2022, county officials have lots of great things in store. Resource deputies continue to make our schools safe for students and staff. A new firefighter academy has already graduated it’s first class, helping residents feel safe and protected. Washington County added a few new water rescue boats, so residents can safely enjoy local waters as they fish, float, boat and swim. Renovations to the Ag Center will make sure that favorite activities like tractor pulls are better than ever. A new skate park and improvements to the bmx track add even more options for residents to enjoy with their families.

In addition to all these major accomplishments, no small feat during a global pandemic, county officials have even more in store for 2022. With construction that will provide thousands of new jobs approved and underway, millions of dollars in finding, and a long list of projects, our elected officials promise to continue working hard to make sure that Washington County continues to adjust and grow for future generations. We at Radio Free Hub City are proud to call Washington County home, and look forward to serving our community in 2022. If we all continue to work together and support each other, 2022 may just be our best year ever.

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