From Local Production to National Release: “Brazen Impact” Takes the Indie Film Scene by Storm

HAGERSTOWN, MD News (1/26/2023) – A new movie produced locally in the four-state area, Brazen Impact, has been released, offering a gripping look at the world of crime and the government’s efforts to stop it. The film centers around the leader of a criminal organization (Clark Fox), a ruthless crime boss who is suddenly knocked off, leaving multiple second-tier bosses to vie for power.

Meanwhile, a task force of government agents and police veterans has assembled, led by a Secret Service operative (George Stover), a hothead cop (Christopher Inlow), and his more grounded partner (Lisa Hoffmann). The task force is tasked with watching over a lawyer (Sharon Smyth Lentz), who the crime syndicate is looking to take out.

As the two sides clash, gunplay and a string of encounters determine the fate of each character. Each decision made by the characters deals a consequence, adding a level of tension and drama to the film.

The movie was produced locally by Absurd Productions Pictures, and was written and directed by Mark Byrne. With a talented cast and a gripping storyline, Brazen Impact is a must-watch for fans of crime-action films.

The movie is now available to watch on Plex, so don’t miss out on this thrilling new release. Brazen Impact offers a fresh and exciting take on the crime genre, making it a standout indie film that is not to be missed.

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