Fact or Folklore: Winter Weather Edition

Throughout history, people have devised ways to study natural indicators to predict long-term weather. Even with the technology of today’s modern meteorology, many people find that the “old ways” can still prove accurate. Though it may sound like nothing more than an Old Wives Tale, some weather buffs say that by observing the coloring of the Wooly Bear Caterpillar’s bands, we can gauge the severity of the winter weather ahead.

The National Weather Service tells us that the colors are determined by several factors, chief among them, the period of time the caterpillar spent eating. The width of the banding indicates the length of the past growing season. Wooly Bear fans say the length of growing seasons can indicate long-term weather patterns that can indeed provide accurate hints about the coming winter.

Just in case this colloquial wisdom rings true, let’s see your Wooly Bear Prediction Photos! Email your photos to BBBoringRFHC@usa.com and we might feature them on our site!

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