Heaven Is A Halfpipe: Hagerstown Skate Park

HAGERSTOWN, MD News (9/21/2022) – Many residents have not had a chance to check out the brand new Hagerstown Skate Park located in Fairgrounds Park. Social media rumors can be wildly misleading and unfounded, so Radio Free Hub City has endeavored to get the inside scoop about what goes on at our city’s newest family friendly attraction. Rather than address any unfounded rumors directly, we wanted to know what visitors of all ages can expect from a visit to Hagerstown Skate Park. We must say, we are impressed.

The skate park, monitored 24/7 by security cameras, offers plenty for riders of any age or skill set. Thanks to ongoing donations from generous members of the community, the park is happy to provide bikes, boards, and necessary safety gear if a rider does not have their own! Volunteers and mentors frequent the park to provide supervision and instruction so that anyone can safely enjoy the facility. According to Mr. Will Boyer, an advocate and driving force behind the park, a wonderful team of local citizens have formed a knowledgeable and passionate board to make sure the park’s operation remains pleasant and safe, and most importantly, FUN. Mr. Boyer states that the board includes many people that do not skate themselves, but are there to provide resources and help for our local children and teens. The board members span all walks of life and various career paths, and have come together to form a “dream team” of sorts.

Mr. Boyer tells us that many skaters and riders return regularly, with new faces every day. The park has only been open for about two weeks, and has already drawn visitors from other parts of the county, state, and even other states like New Jersey and Virginia. So far, visitors give the Hagerstown Skate Park a giant thumbs up. Opening day provided a terrific opportunity for local vendors and food trucks to provide delicious food and thirst-quenching drinks. By all accounts, a great day was had by all, and the enthusiasm has carried over to present day.

Mayor Emily Keller, who has been a fan of this project since it’s conception, attended the ribbon cutting ceremony to help christen our new public park. Mayor Keller graciously offered her own thoughts on the matter. In a summarization of her enthusiastic praise, she would like us to tell readers that this is a safe and fun way for all local children to stay off the streets, hang out with their friends, get some exercise, and even find resources for other help they may need. She thanks citizens and businesses that have and will donate gear for public use. She hopes people of all ages will visit this great public park, and so do we.

Mr. Boyer closed his interview by encouraging people of any age to simply come see for themselves what the Hagerstown Skate Park is all about. A visitor does not have to skate or ride, spectators are welcome to hang out. The park is kept clean by our friends at at the Parks & Recreation Division, but Will and other volunteers do a cleanup prior to their arrival each day, so visitors do not have to worry about trash or dangerous items. Weapons, alcohol and tobacco, glass containers, and pets are prohibited to ensure the safety of all visitors. For a complete list of rules and regulations or any questions, readers are encouraged to check out https://www.hagerstownmd.org/1605/SkatePark, where you can also view live camera feeds of the park right from your device!

New things will always raise a few eyebrows, but we are pleased to be able to tell readers that the community leaders we spoke to and facts we discovered have allowed us to report, without pause, that the Hagerstown Skate Park is a fantastic addition to our community, the people involved are doing great things for citizens of all ages, and we would like to officially welcome this safe, well-maintained, FUN park to our beloved Hub City! Big thanks to Mr. Boyer and Mayor Keller for helping Radio Free Hub City break this wonderful news. Let’s Ride!

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