Introducing RFHC-TV: Local focus, free online live TV for Hagerstown area

HAGERSTOWN, MD – Radio Free Hub City is proud to announce the launch of our TV brand RFHC-TV. Providing a platform for audio and video, this expansion of RFHC will provide additional news and entertainment for our listeners/viewers, and added value for our sponsors.

Focusing on Hagerstown, MD and the surrounding area, RFHC-TV will provide the much needed local flavor for streaming television. With three initial channels, and additional channels planned for the future, we’re extremely excited to grow with our fans and customers in this exciting new adventure.

The first channel, RFHC-1, will be our flagship channel featuring a mix of content from multiple genres.

RFHC-History will feature content relevant to a local historical perspective. This includes History Hub Hunters, as well as other relevant local content such as remastered public domain films of local topics.

Finally, RFHC-Music will provide music videos of local and independent talent across the four-state region. This channel will showcase independent artists who provide some amazing talent, and best of all we provide this showcase absolutely free. Artists who wish to contribute can be added to our Featured Artists page, and will be regularly promoted on our social media channels.

For more information or to view the currently available channels, visit

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