Hagerstown Man Arrested with Homemade Firearm

During the course of a traffic stop by Hagerstown Police, a loaded handgun was recovered under the passenger seat of a vehicle. While the firearm was not on his person, Antoine Malone, age 30, of Hagerstown, was identified as the passenger seated above the firearm, and arrested.

Malone was charged with the following:
-Handgun in Vehicle
-Firearm-Possession with Felony Conviction
-Regulated Firearm-Illegal Possession
-Loaded Handgun in Vehicle

Malone is prohibited from carrying a firearm based on two prior convictions, including a previous handgun in vehicle charge.

The homemade firearm recovered is what is sometimes referred to as a “ghost gun,” they are assembled from parts that do not have serial numbers and purchased without a background check. These firearms require machining skills to construct and assemble, but are in themselves not illegal to build for personal usage as long as the owner is not prohibited from possessing firearms.

Malone was previously arrested in 2018 for a fight outside of a Funkstown bar, but all charges were dropped except for one, in which Malone received a time served sentence. He was also previously involved in local protests for police accountability following an incident with a 15-year-old girl being pepper sprayed for resisting arrest.

Antoine Malone, 30, of Hagerstown
Antoine Malone, 30, of Hagerstown
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