Goodbye big tech. Hello independent content.

For years I have seen a widening gap between “local community” and “big tech”. As big tech grows, they push us towards a “global community”, but much of that “community” feel gets lost in the transition. And I’ve tried to fix that through multiple platforms, but every time local community gets lost in the static, or even worse, buried due to incessant arguing over petty issues. To top it all off, big tech and big social media’s automated attempts to “fight fake news” and other attempts to make the community “better” have resulted in far too many false hits, censoring legitimate, often harmless or humorous, content.

So the real question I ask myself over and over – how do I bring that sense of local community back? How do I get people talking about local news and issues that unite us, instead of argue over topics that divide us?

Today’s radio stations and other news/entertainment outlets are typically owned by large nameless corporate entities, who then bring in content from other large nameless corporate entities. Radio Free Hub City is locally owned, right here in the Hub City area, and dedicated to focusing on local and independent content. We link you directly with independent content creators to create a community of independent artists and fans, living together in harmony.

Radio Free Hub City is happy to announce the launch of our new audio streaming service. This service will bring high quality local news, talk, sports, indie music, and entertainment to Hub City and beyond.

Goodbye big tech. Goodbye big social media. Goodbye nameless corporate entities. Goodbye censorship. Hello independent content.

Are you ready to join the streaming radio revolution?

With our mobile app you can listen straight from a remote location without paying cable bills or using satellite radio services that require you to be outside with a clear line of sight to the sky — your favorite shows are available anytime, anywhere you have internet or cell service! We’re working with our content providers to make these shows interactive, with live call-ins and live events.

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