Congressional Clowns

If you ever feel like you’re not succeeding at your job, just remember that Congress has a 23% approval rating, but a 90% re-election rate

Governor Hogan and Maryland Stadium Authority Break Ground on New Downtown Hagerstown Ballpark

HAGERSTOWN, MD News (10/18/2022) – Governor Larry Hogan and the Maryland Stadium Authority (MSA) today broke ground on a new Multi-Use and Sports Facility in the heart of downtown Hagerstown. The stadium—a project long sought by local leaders—will serve as the home of a new professional baseball team in the Atlantic League as well as other sports, cultural, and community events.

Attorney General Frosh Warns Consumers about Purchasing Flood-Damaged Cars

BALTIMORE, MD (10/12/2022) – Maryland Attorney General Brian E. Frosh today warned consumers to be cautious of purchasing vehicles that may have been impacted by major flood damage. After hurricanes with large-scale floods like Ian, flood-damaged cars often end up at salvage auctions and bought by rebuilders. While these vehicles should be marked “salvage” or “total loss” on the title, dishonest sellers may “wash” the title, hide the damage, and offer these vehicles for sale.

Opinion: Biden’s Visit to Hagerstown a Sobering Reminder of the Pain he Continues to Cause

HAGERSTOWN, MD (10/7/2022) – Today President Biden will visit Hagerstown, MD, and give a speech at the Volvo plant about how he’s improving the economy, and undoubtedly how we’re all better off thanks to him and Congressman David Trone. While some might celebrate this visit by the President, for me, it’s a sobering reminder of the continuing pain I now deal with because of their policies mandating the COVID vaccine.

Satire: President Biden Gets Lost During Visit to Hagerstown

HAGERSTOWN, MD News (10/6/2022) – On an unscheduled trip the day before his speech in his visit to Hagerstown about the economy, President Biden briefly became lost while travelling Washington County’s Ice Cream Trail. As a result, the Presidential limo is now sitting on cinder blocks on Prospect Street.

David Trone vs. Neil Parrott – The 2022 Maryland Congressional Election Rematch

Western Maryland News (9/26/2022) – David Trone and Neil Parrott faced off in the 2020 Maryland 6th Congressional District election, resulting in Trone defeating Parrott by over 70,000 votes. While some may say that Parrott will meet a similar defeat this November, a lot has changed in two years, including the congressional district lines themselves.

C&O Canal Celebrates National Public Lands Day with Free Admission

WILLIAMSPORT, MD News (9/18/2022) – On Saturday, September 24, the National Park Service will celebrate National Public Lands Day with free admission to all National Parks. Visitors can take advantage of this fee-free day and hike a trail, walk or bike the canal towpath, and learn more about the natural and cultural resources at the C&O Canal.

Maryland Election Board Looks to Count Mail-In Ballots Before Election Day

ANNAPOLIS, MD News (9/5/2022) – The Maryland State Board of Elections has filed an emergency petition in circuit court to seek approval to canvass mail-in ballots prior to Election Day. The petition will also require that any results from any pre-Election Day canvassing be withheld until the polls close on Election Day.