Simple Productivity

In today’s world, it’s becoming harder and harder to stay productive whether it be on a work task or just on personal hobbies. At work and home, you face many different distractions that can make it difficult to get all your tasks done. You probably end up working late into the night or you areContinue reading “Simple Productivity”

Blockchain for Business

Thousands of big brands are embracing Blockchain solutions. Find out how you can join the innovators who are transforming industries around the world!Blockchain is more than a buzzword. Discover the many ways this powerful technology can drastically improve your business! Take a close look at real-world examples of how Blockchain is helping entrepreneurs! The costContinue reading “Blockchain for Business”

The Ultimate How To Photography Guide

Inside this ebook, you will learn some of the following information: How to Select a Camera – Digital vs. 35mmLoading FilmHow a Digital Camera WorksFocus, Depth of Field and LensesHow Do Filters Work?Color or Black and White?Tips to Successful Amateur PhotographyStrategies for Portrait PhotographyHow to Start a Photography Business