Getting Brave and a Bit More Social

Here at Radio Free Hub City, we absolutely love interacting with our fans. Something that has been missing since day 1 is the ability to comment on our articles. Today, we’re changing that.

Enabling Comments

We’ve always been nervous about enabling comments on our news articles. Traditionally, news sites are filled with trolls trying to make others angry over the littlest things, and basically just derailing any meaningful conversations.

But, with increasing problems with censorship on social media, we thought it was time to give this a try. So, starting with this article, we’re going to be allowing comments. This is an experiment, and if things go sideways we’ll change it back as quick as possible. However, we have hope that local residents can behave and not attack each other. We are not your mother, please don’t make us turn this car around and go home.


We all have opinions! And we know that sometimes you don’t always want to comment yours, but you’d be willing to express it through a poll.

So also starting today, for select articles, we’re going to include polls to solicit feedback from our fans. This will probably go mostly safe, but just as with the comments, we’re still hesitant due to ballot stuffing and all the other trolling that happens with polls. We have to be careful, or we might end up getting renamed to Radio McRadioface.

More Social Features Coming Soon

More social features will be coming in the days ahead, as long as these don’t get abused too much. Hang on tight, it’s going to be an interesting ride.

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